Hovers in Garage

I tried building with hovers for the first time in awhile. Why does adding the hover make the build lift to the garage roof?
I mean I get they float., but its a way to high in the garage.

i don’t have this issue.

edit. when i undermount on a hover it raises but not very high.


Me neither. :man_shrugging:

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It isn’t to the roof. but its super high up in the air. you can’t pan around and see the top half the build even with nothing undermounted below frame. (xbox)
I mean it’s buildable, but annoying when framing in gun armament on top, I guess it changed in 2.0?

Either of you on Xbox? Or anyone else on the box notice this?

I literally have no difference in height between hovers & non hovers. Crazy odd stuff, there…

Idk if you can tell from this, but there isn’t any way to move the camera to see the top unless you enter build mode. (this is not build mode) nothing on this hover hangs below the hovers?
Seems like you could see the top of builds like this before 2.0.

That is how high they fly.

Am I mistaken they used to be lower?

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When your looking at them in the garage (not in build mode) and pan the camera around it auto zooms at some angles making it look higher then it actually is.

there is zero “auto zoom” its the same from every angle, way up at the top of the screen.
I think it must be just that I haven’t played them in so long I forgot how they float in the garage. /shrug

Thats your issue?

Wtf dude…

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Never said it was important. But you could help me in the weapons thread with vultures.

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