How 2 fix Crossout

This game has been mismanaged, you’ve driven a lot of potential players away with the excessive supply of SPACE AGE scifi parts and factions along with monetizing performance and crippling the early game experience for players who are using builds cheaper than 1000 coins.

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You want proposed solutions from a Closed Battle Tester?

  • Return the badge system as it was to keep the players that are already here willing to put up with the game as it was before this patch.
  • Require less grind to unlock structure pieces, add the ability to find them in raids from destroyed enemies in raids occasionally, automatically unlock all previous battlepass structure for players after the battlepass ends.
  • Balance the game to remove the level 30/prestige 1 engineers segregation. More related to this below.
  • Add more resources to pvp, nobody wants to fight bots because the end goal of XO is building for pvp.
  • Completely cut the space age scifi bullshit, you killed this game’s growth by adding Dawn Children and steamcharts PROVES this in September 2017. Stop adding more and nerf overpowered scifi stuff like Destructors and Hovers. Completely abstain from all space age/ star wars additions because its killing the game’s growth.
  • Add dozens of new parts to rare and special tiers because the skill ceiling and fun in this range is nonexistent, new players need f2p faction craftable rare and special parts that allow them to play like the people they are getting sealclubbed by. FULL REVERSE SPEED, STRAFING, AND HIGH VELOCITY LONG RANGE CHEAP WEAPONS (rare median, make median craftable) ARE NON NEGOTIABLE. Perks on special cabs need to be the same as on epic cabs, these cabs are already slower with less tonnage, power, and mass limit, they don’t need to be artifically inferior in perk too. New players need the ability to fight experienced players who have full epic builds. Currently they are denied even the skill necessary to do so because of this deliberate strangulation of variety in rare and special categories. There are capabilities new players simply cannot even begin to learn like driving backwards and strafing, or using high skill weapons; because they don’t exist or are unaffordable premium trash.
  • Sell better cosmetic items, because the garbage you sell is hardly bought. Engine sound cosmetics for example. Stop offering just those sad excuses of old CK’s from a decade ago.
  • Remove two of the three fused perks from all battlepass items players have. Battlepass item powercreep is real and its never going away until this is done. I have multiple fully fused builds just from battlepasses that new players are never going to have, and they are 10-30% better in every way at the same powerscore just because I spent. I shouldn’t have that advantage even though I spent. Then go back and buff BP items as needed knowing the fused versions aren’t skewing statistics.
  • Have a better way to sell fused items for lighters. I’m going to propose the current Tsunami lighter exchange as an example; -17/-9/+25 for mass, reload, and velocity. Sell a fusion chip for that lighter cost with -8.5/-4.5/+12.5 and require the BP owner to buy or craft that item to apply the chip to. Every existing lighter purchased item should be retroactively converted into a chip, because as I said the P2W from battlepasses has cumulated to an extremely P2W degree.



You can turn that off for yourself if you don’t like it…

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Doesn’t work that way m8, nobody should have it at all. The closest thing to it should be an ML200 perk with frames tilting within the legs, but otherwise it needs to go.

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What you propose is basically roll back to what game was like 3 years ago, with only 1 fused perks, no camera steer, no BP weapons, actually easier grind.
Guess what? People were just as unhappy back than crying the game was dead and broken, and amount of players was same if not less.


Space age scifi shit, horrible AI based raids along with rampant balance problems caused by shotguns, hovers, and sealclubbing were the problems.
Mind you 2020 was still a terrible year for XO. In September 2017 3000 players permanently left until 2020, Dawn Children was the straw that broke the camels back way then. We need to go all the way back to this game’s OBT launch man, cause it got squandered hard after this game had millions of downloads with the launch of OBT.

One thing that needs to be changed and it is not rocket science is the blueprint/storage limit or mainly the amount of blueprints it takes to level up. I am only at 17 blueprint slots and it is already costing 4 blueprints per upgrade. I am at the point where I am just going to stop acquiring items because I don’t have the space to save any more builds and it is costing me 1000 coin per save slot. It would be a win win situation for both the devs and players if they knocked off that non sense. Players would spend/acquire more items because they got the spaces to save them so everybody wins. Jbrider even mentioned something about the blueprints in his video too.

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Yeah this is just the dev’s penny pinching way too hard at the cost of their customer’s good will. Free blueprints pls.