How 2 Fix XO

Bring back our weeklies, and expand the pool of epics to choose from in weekly crates

Saturate Rare and Special rarities with new cabs, movement parts, and modules so new players have cool and cheap builds to look forward to that are competitive with whatever more experienced players have. At low PS the best stuff is all fused epics and epic movement parts, new players cannot compete in their own PS.

Add battlepass items to faction workbenches

Replace existing faction blueprints with USEFUL meta/off meta builds that new players can reference when learning and market packs as parts shipments, not vehicles which are not even usable.

Weaken camera steering to be camera assisted steering which will only steer a percentage, and introduce accuracy nerfs for using it. This NEEDS to be done because camera steering makes the most powerful ranged vehicles the easiest to use.

Balance the game, it doesn’t matter how good everything else is if people legitimately feel like they are being cheated out of their fun/gameplay by people they literally cannot beat. Imba has pushed away more players than anything else. Everybody has their nerf cries which I wont mention but Dopplers, Cloaks, Hitscan, and Cyclones desperately need a nerf. All the chaos between Doppler, Cloak, Griffon, Oculus/Verifier/Cloak nerfs will be resolved if No-line-of-sight radar gets nerfed severely and cloaks made 2 energy. Radar is genuinely wallhacks, and it might as well be to any new players. Right now the game is made nearly unplayable by camera steering Gerrida/Icarus VII builds with OP weapons like Cyclones/Athenas/Nothungs. If its not them its dogs.

Bring down the price of relics, not for the sake of anybody who wants them, but for the sake of the economy. Once somebody grinds enough uranium to have 12+ energy worth of relics, they have no need for coins anymore, targem cannot possibly make money off my want/need for coins if I get into CW. I want any pack parts or athenas? Sell a relic and buy all of it or get back into CW. If the playerbase isnt growing all targem can do to make money is sell what cannot be bought with coins accessibly, like god fuse items.

Crossplay. Soon* :tm:

Relics cost less than the Uranium to make them, not even counting the other parts. Hmmm.