How Bad is Helios

I did an experiment to decide which plasma emitter I liked best. I originally thought Helios was going to be great! Then…

I made a build with a Torero cabin, and substituted S;ynthesis, Prometheus and Helios on it. I incuded a Power Unit as well.

I used 3 of each all with the same upgrades. One Damage and 2 with increased reload speed. The others were not going to effect the damage output so wont be mentioned here.

Here are the results on a 10 second test ball, continuous shooting

Synthesis - PS 6570 Damage - 2672
Prometheus - PS 7590 Damage 2980
Helios - PS 9119 Damage 2659

I ran this test several times… and got the same output… SO how bad is the bonus for Helios to make it look like this?

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i think the reason for this is cause Helios does direct damage to the cabin if it lands all its shots, so accuracy is key. the thing is though idk how much damage it does to the cabin directly, your going to have to experiment with them and try to use that ability on a leviathan or another car you built and only hit shots on the armor to see how much direct cabin damage it does, then add that to the existing damage.
i have 4 prometheus’ and they are really good. they are pretty good in raids to. the only problem is their size. helios is indeed slimmer width wise. so the advantage to having helios as opposed to prometheus is the size and direct cabin damage, other then that there isnt much of a difference.

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You realize that because the damage sphere isn’t a cab, and that helioses do close to 25% of their damage through their perk, right?

1 volley on sphere = 77 dmg, 1 volley on a car = 99 dmg

My take is the damage is worse than Synthesis with NO perk at all… only the Upgrades.

If the perk on Helios is that limited… Its junk in my opinion… Especially for a legendary over a special… Grade D for weapons.

I did this on one of the test yard cars and got very similar results… About 100 more damage over 10 seconds… Not enough increase over the Synths to warrant consideration considering the PS bump. And definitely not enough damage to choose them over Prometheus.

I am going to make a concesion… When I target only the cab of the bus, the damage is much higher… However, How often can you really only hit the cab on a moving target with any of the emitter weapons? That bonus sould include the entire target… so I am still PO’d… :slight_smile:

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Even with that it is still 200 damage lower then the prometheus.

Maths disagree here. The perk isn’t +5% damage, closer to +30%

i use the prometheus over the helios mainly cause of preference. im going to get helios eventually but im going to need to save up to get 4 of them. i only do pve myself so i usually like using them in raids. especially against lunatics because it just melts the armor off them so easily. plus the cabin damage from helios on lunatics would be good to.

Helios perk is very potent. They will be difficult to use vs smaller, erratic builds, but they are excellent vs large, slow builds like spiders.

Some builds are best vs higher PS groupings. Helios can often fit in this category. Another is lance/melee hybrids. They are made to counter hovers but PS increases to hovers make it rare to see a hover in pvp at the hybrid PS.

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Helios has a crazy perk that does damage in an extremely effective way. Its perk could only be better if it did damage to generators. Its extremely good against builds that can’t move unpredictably enough to avoid aimed and consistent fire.


which already coincidentally happen to also be the worst builds ingame already!

Havn’t played in a while but I loves Helios and hated the rest, I had a build near 10k, I’d sneak up on people, aim for cab or guns, was super effective

I tested Helios on the damage meter. Helios hits about 3000 damage with the Power Unit and the perk does an additional 25 percent damage to the cabin for a total of 3700 damage over 10 seconds. This is good for breaking down very large builds.

I don’t love Helios or Trigger because of their sorry range but Helios range is much better with the Power Unit and the damage certainly plays.

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You get a bit more hp and and a better gun model to armour up with Helios at least.

Helios is very dangerous to literally every build in the game that isn’t small with high acceleration and rapid turning. The only thing that really fares well against them are the high speed small track builds, my theory is they steer extremely fast and have brakes. CW hovers tend to be very boat like and dogs are not that maneuverable. They are fast but they aren’t going to be cheating human reflexes and aim like some builds can.