How can I change in-game nick name

Currently, my email is my game name - how can I change this (if allowed)?

There is - or WAS - a way to do it. Mine used to be the same as it is now, but with a lower case R. Seems like the 1st change was free & was 500 coin after that.
I poked around in the game & couldn’t find it. Sorry… If I have time to get on later, I’ll check it out again.

This happens if you log in with your steam account the first time you start the game.

I made the same mistake back when i created this pc account. The only way to fix it back then was to contact gaijin support and have them reset my account, then after that log in with my gaijin account first. After that i could start it through steam no problem and it would show my gaijin account name.

There used to be a link in the ingame options to link your steam / gaijin accounts but afaik this never worked.

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damn! You think that would be a pretty simple thing to do! :upside_down_face:

im pretty sure you do it on the Gaijin website first is free not sure after that