How can I get rid of the pointleadersign in the minimap during raids?

The sign in the minimap is really annoying. Changing the color of the foes is not a very good option. Does someone know how to turn it off?

Greetings, this is my mini map… I’m not sure what you mean…
How about a picture…but I think it’s in the settings


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I looked twice, but I was not able to find something usefull

Greetings again… since you are pointing at the leader in points, there is nothing you can do. It’s part of the new update, and I do not like it either. Reminds me of the enemy…

They did not need to have that either… Hope this helps

Knowing that there is nothing to do is nevertheless better than not knowing it…

Change the enemies to yellow, brown, purple or green.

Solution Found:

As long as you are the point leader, the annoying sign is not displayed.

I have to agree with you that’s it’s annoying to see it on the mini-map. I think it’s nice up on the player listing though, as I generally like to have something to chase point wise like that.

'Devs.take this off the leader and make a dot in green…
these red enemy things around a player is crazy…
not playing raids until you change this… :crazy_face:

‘what does this look like to you Devs’ ?


Maybe they figured that since hardly anyone uses the minimap, it should be repurposed to display score-related information. :upside_down_face: In addition to the live score counters that have caused some players to vie for the raid MVP even more aggressively than before.

After the central spot in our profiles was devoted to showing exbibition likes and subscribers, maybe there’s a trend showing. And it doesn’t help that the 180-part exhibition section isn’t promoted. Instead, we have like farmers, content with posting their low-res 80-part ‘art.’ Some of which is justified, but it’s generally a contributing factor in reducing the game’s overall depth.

Slaughter could be seen as another addition intended for impatient kids. Nothing like a random distraction from the monotony of regular PvP, in the form of a brawl. There’s been this peculiar trend since August of 2021. Making the game easier, faster-paced, shallower - it’s a some kind of a plan, a rough sketch - but will it be profitable in the long run?