How crossout Nerfs n useless updates killed this game

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Excuse me but they dropped the speed from 100 to 95 on most light & medium cabs, I doubt that makes a big difference on when you end up in a firepuddle, what you need is acceleration, not speed lmao.
Same thing for going to places, it’s just a 5% nerf of your top speed and it applies to everyone aside heavies, not the end of the world. It actually makes it more balanced, so heavies can keep up with medium and light, yet thats not even enough to achieve that.
I get it you’re the unlucky that got all the nerf on your playstyle, well then maybe you should try other builds and playstyles.


You really don’t know what accelaration is do you lmao?
Acceleration is how fast you can reach let’s say 100 kmh as speed is how fast youre currently going. Most of the accelaration happens at lower speeds and it reduces the faster you go. so if youre going slow you need acceleration to leave said puddle and if youre going fast, it shouldnt be an issue.
No offense, but kinda ironic that someone like you that has seen it all doesnt even know that.

I agree the game isn’t perfect, but the game is about playing different playstyles and builds, so ofc at some point or another you’re bound to get all your stuff wasted/nerfed if you only main one type lmao.


Crossout punishes anyone who puts all their eggs in one basket. Whatever type of build is strong today will get nerfed tomorrow.
Honestly, that’s one of the things that keeps me playing and building.
I get excited about every update, and look forward to analyzing the changes and figuring out new ways to make my builds more effective.


Exactly! That’s what this game is all about. This why it’s so fun and evolving.


Your so narrow minded and negative. Transpose or stop your life.

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What’s killing the game is the lack of interest in it by people who don’t play it. Its too grindy and the devs still think they can balance this game without dealing with radar detectors, cloaks, dogs, and hovers. Even without bots I see the same names every single battle. It takes literally one or two guys in game in a given bracket running the same meta builds to completely ruin my entire game session at that powerscore because of how dead this game is. Oh theres that hover/yongwang squad again, might as well die or leave early. Oh shit they somehow got into my next queue even though I left early!

This game got killed because of imbalance and grind. This game could have overtaken war thunder and I firmly believe that. This is pure speculation and I’ve no proof, but this game was probably sabotaged for gaijins other vehicle games like war thunder.


I’m very disappointed that they didn’t go through with the nerf to Blight Cabin. The nerf is LOOOONNNGGG overdue. Instead, they took it out on the Draco. Draco isn’t that powerful, it only becomes a problem when paired with the blight cabin.