How do i deactivate the UI in the garage?

How do i make the information in the garage disappear and appear?

Alt + Z

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Now how do you do it on console? :slight_smile:

this is a long shot.
on PS5 (according to google), try pressing LB and Back on a gamepad.

on Xbox one, (according to a reddit post) Press start, go to ring menu setting. Press rb to enter the menu section. Scrool down, you’ll see “turn on photo mode”. Assign that to a ring slot. Leave the menu and initiate it by the ring slot you set it for. Its hidden and a lot of people say you can do it, you can. To change the distance in photo mode is the same as changing camera distance just hold the right stick in for 3 seconds and let go. Then you can adjust it by pushing forward and back.

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I’ll try on Xbox and report back.

Thank you.

Never seen that setting.

I’m on PC