How do i get the 50 Badges ? 🤔

is see this only after a match and not in challenges… :crazy_face:


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I reset my Adventure progress earlier this year & later noticed that challenge disappeared. I figured the two were related.

It appears I was wrong & haven’t been paying close attention for months…

Did they really nerf Adventure mode? LOL

do awakening all the way through 1 time, then do it again while it’s on the harder mode.

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Have you completed Awakening?

You cannot redo something you haven’t finished yet…

You don’t have to originally to get those. It’s a single drop at a chance at a harder attempt per mission. I’m not sure what would stop them from showing if reset though.

yes,but i reset it years ago.
i’ll play it again to see what happens.

After I reset mine (back in August, I think), I had TWO missions in Adventure. Not sure what the difference supposedly is. I completed one of each yesterday. I got no badges. Maybe after resetting, we have to complete the whole storyline again to start getting the 50.

Pretty sure this is your issue. I have played through awakenings several times with friends. Not 100% sure though.
It doesn’t take very long to replay it tbh. Edit: Also don’t have any active side missions in Awakening until you complete it. Just to make sure those are not from before you reset it or something.

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