How do I uninstall the game for real? i tried through steam and Add/remove program

i know it is not uninstalling because when i go to reinstall the game the “download” which should be at least 10-20gb is done in 1 second and ready to play

i would like to move the game off my HDD and onto a SSD but it wont actually uninstall

also the repair button on the launcher just does the same thing steam does when you press

i don’t really want to format my pc and reinstall windows just to get this game to launch faster

ok so here is how to do it

have the game installed, go to steam library, right click crossout. click properties and then follow that up with Local files then finally browse.

now what you want to do is click the bar in the file explorer that will look like this[ ( so that it looks like this ( (drive letter will not matter its just where you installed the game)

Copy this to your clipboard. and keep file explorer open

next you want to right click crossout from steam library and manage the game. click uninstall

open file explorer and paste the text you just copied and press enter. from here press CTRL + A then Del. or go back up one files with the up arrow next to the address http://]( and delete Crossout folder itself. the game should now be deleted


Just reading this… You may want to adjust default install locations at some point so you don’t have this issue going forward.

Generally, any app that requires speed should be on your ssd.

Glad you got it & thanks for sharing.

i just got a SSD and i was having difficulty uninstalling it off my HDD so i could move it to the SSD


Congrats on the new SSD

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When I made the switch, I didn’t notice any gameplay differences, but everything installed on the SSD starts more quickly. For larger programs, the difference is huge.