How do we report harrasment in bedlam on psn?

I have video of another player harassing me in bedlam and singling me out for destruction when try to park with the others in bedlam to check out the other builds. he is doing it over and over and I whisper to him telling to stop over and over that he is openly violating the tos

I don’t see a function to report directly to a GM I have video of it on my ps5 but I don’t know how to share it.

[NEGO] IllOPPRESSORllI and [ADOW] Snakeshift21 both were harassing me in bedlam I am NOT fighting back just trying to join the others to check out the builds people have.

I think that requiring Bedlam etiquette ignores the first rule of Bedlam which is that anything goes. If you are having problems, send a message to a stronger player asking him to police the offending bully so you can have your car show in peace.

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People that go to Bedlam need to learn to read.

This is a no holds barred PvP mode. A place for total carnage. Anyone trying to enforce anything other then that is wrong.

I very rarely go to bedlam, but when I do it’s to crush. I try to see how many I can take down before they finally get me.

It takes a lot!

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Sadly, but yes,bedlam is a no rules model, if they don’t insult you, they are compliant.I agree with DarthStall’s approach

This is my preferred bedlam build.

All fused: Quad Porc - Big Ram - Hadron - King

I might go to bedlam once every 6 months, but when I do I grab a 6 pack of beer and I’m in it for the long haul.

When they call in “Captain Save a Bedlam” it starts to get good.

They last maybe 10-15min tops of getting smashed and they leave.

If they call in a hover guy I might change to this for awhile

All fused: Double Flash, Double Harvestors, Beholder

Then after an hour or two lol, they will not see me for another 6 months.

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normally I would agree with you on that but that no rules actually applies to there are “NO match rules” TOS still applies in bedlam and harassment is clearly a violation of TOS.

There are other reasons to go to badlam than to fight. to see how other builds perform watching others.

If you do NOT believe me about TOS applying to bedlam go into badlam and when there look at the map to see all the players, Triangle over the player if on PSN it will show options and report is one of them. and there are multiple options to select from but they don’t have “other” like they do in gen chat that is where normally would report harassment, and then remind them of TOS harassment not allowed.

This is the only reason to go to Bedlam.

And it is clearly marked as such.

Anyone to say anything different is a troll and trying to get people a ban for no reason.

If you want to hang out in Crossout without fighting then make a private custom match. Then you can make any fake rules you want to.

If you sent me a message in game complaining about me killing people in Bedlam, after I blocked you, I would kill you every time I see you.

Bedlam is a PvP mode, period. It’s not up for debate.

I’ll post this here again.

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You click on the user’s profile image in the forum… then click on it again in the pop-up.
Then, you hit the “normal” over to the right. In the drop down, hit ignore.
Sadly, if they start a thread & someone responds, you still see the thread.

This is also the same in a custom match… do you think they want you to report your friends you invited to a private game for killing you.

Just because this feature is in that mode does not even imply that they want you to report people for killing you in a PvP mode.

If I was a mod I would ban you for a few days for misusing the report system.

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My advice is, if you don’t like what’s going on there, don’t go there. Bedlam is no rule mode and people can do what they want. Just because sometimes they stand like an idiots for a few hours looking for friends doesn’t mean it’s a normal thing, generally you can be one of them idc but expect that someone can always interrupt this idiotic relationship and start tormenting you.
In general, bedlam it’s not my thing, but I’m thinking to go there and play around with some crying babies :rofl:
Hope you’re from EU then it will be ezz to find you, speaking as PS player :wink: