How does everyone feel about the update?

I like that my opinion was removed by staff, I guess I can’t have my own opinion on this awful update lol


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Hmmmm Stagnation. The game is broken and so is the forum muhahaha


They deviated from that when they put the hover design together So what’s wrong with a hodgepodge? (Provided it’s balanced, but the developers didn’t do a good job of that)

The developers updated a bunch of bugs, The game is in a chaotic and unopened state. I really don’t have much patience left, so I’m changing my comment

The other thing is, and I’ve already mentioned this in the suggestions, but I’d like to say it again here, the weapon balancing was done as per regular pvp before, if we want more of the weapons to be used in aerial combat we need to have separate balancing in aerial combat modes, including pve as well

Pleasantly surprised with the update. Still squeaking out a win here and there in ground mode, and able to squeak out a win here and there in the heli, actually, more so now than when the 1st time the heli’s came around, so, I think that’s a plus.

The new maps are just fantastic, and I am still geeking-out over The Gates of the Valley. Why? One of my chief complaints this whole time has been “What’s happening on the other side of the gates in Adventure Mode??” Well, now we know!! (I would still like to use said gates to get there BUT, it is what it is.)

Talk on Sector Ex, on the subject of destructible terrain, the devs should let us be able to blast that structure into the ground. Fully into the ground. Then we can fight on the rubble. I H8 Sector Ex. Beyond pet-peevs, I freakin’ HATE Sector Ex!!! Blow it all the hell!

Raids for the choppers would be a good addition. As seen in the Gates of the Valley with the huge floating carriers…have a raid to go up against something like that would be EPIC!!! Maybe we would need to fly through and around one, taking out key points to bring it down before the timer runs out, and it nukes one of the factions bases…i don’t know, just spit-balling here.

I, too, am very concerned that the partitions between the modes will lead to ground modes being obsolete but only time will tell with that.

What else can I say? Not sure at this moment in time as I have yet to try out new weapons or, even, the new legs still. So, I think that’s all I got for now.


Yes.Very this, and that’s a great idea for improving that map. Blow it all the hell up!


I was glaring at the rewards in the new Battle Pass last night, and man…it’s a little on the dull side.

At first I went to look at the new Garage it offers, because I thought, “Oh neat, they give us a new garage,”…then I looked at it. That’s some boring-ass real estate right there. Does that hideous floating aerial aircraft carrier go away after the event? That would help, but I’m betting it stays. I’d rather it was gone.

IMO, they should have went with a dieselpunk airship theme.

This game seems like it’s geared for that genre anyway, especially since the Polar Lights update.

I’m enjoying the copters, but this BP isn’t really selling it well, IMO. It’s not terribly interesting, and I feel like I could live without it very easily. The cut and paste propeller clones with varying performance parameters is not very attractive. Why do I want those? IDK.

The Hummingbirds are at least a different model, and bring more build variety to the game. The others essentially only mean you’ll need more expensive guns to defend them with, because the power-score is the only thing that really changes. It’s like inflation, just for the sake of inflation. I don’t get it, but whatever.

IDK. I’ve been lost since Mad Max died last Christmas. I’m trying to make it work, but PVP just hasn’t been the same since they flattened my wheels…they should add a flat tire animation to wheels when they get crippled, right before they meet their demise.


Some Dieselpunk CK’s for everything would really intrigue me, that’s for sure.

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I could have done without the airships. It’s hard to chew over going from finding a heli in the desert and getting it to work, to instantly having airships around. I kind of feel they could have spent a lot more time on other game items if they had skipped the airships for a later bp. The development of airships over time would have made more sense game wise too.

I’m still kind of on the fence if it’s a good update or not.

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I completely agree. Helis don’t belong in CO. If they wanted a CO game with helis then make one. They didn’t need to add aircraft to a ground based game. I don’t do the heli modes & never will. I’m sure someone who loves using them will start making some kind of rude remarks to this post line, but whatever.


Apparently they did.

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No they just want money and ran out of ideas. They took a gimmick people enjoyed and just hyper monitized it


A $10 battlepass is “hyper monitized”?

You don’t even need to buy the Battlepass, as the rotors aren’t super expensive on the market.

They gave me two for free. I only use the one, though.

Yeah they give you the shit rotors in order to get you enticed and then wanting better rotors… pretty simple marketing there

Not feeling hella “enticed,” myself. I can arcade myself to sleep with the copter-patrols. I play that a lot, and I’m fine with the crap rotors for that.

As far as PVP goes…whatever. It’s not doing it for me anymore.

Still wondering how a $10 BP is “hyper monitization”

Yeah no one buys levels and crosscrowns/coins to get new things

I don’t.


I love the new chopper combat! It brought me back from Starfield and Fallout. I was tired of getting slaughtered by hover snipers in 10k lobbies, and was tired of going down to 2k lobbies for balanced gameplay.
It truly takes more fun-filled skill to dogfight with helos. Even when I lose a dogfight it feels much better than getting slaughtered by toxic meta builds on the ground.
It also really dynamically changes how you engineer your chopper compared to the armored car. It was a nice build to figure out.
Thank you Gaijin for bringing helos back for good! I will definitely be playing more often and top up more on the premium.