How does everyone feel about the update?

How does people feel about update?
We need sky raids and crossplay


Are you out of fuel?

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Blonde mistake I never made :stuck_out_tongue: eh im tired hahaha.

SO i changed the topic :smiley: Anyhow, Yes I was out of fuel

The FLOCK in weapon category sounds weird. More like Hardware I think and it has zero energy use.
Why does Enlightenment use energy and counted as a weapon category too. Feel it should be hardware also and zero energy.
Enlightenment can only have one of its type on the vehicle anyhow. So why not zero energy

Category doesn’t matter though.

Also unsure how I feel about flying vehicles in Clan Confrontation.

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My initial reaction:

I don’t care that much about building and flying helicopters (although I am doing it a bit), but I really like playing matches against mixed teams. It just makes the game feel bigger and less predictable when you have to keep an eye on the sky and find overhead cover. Running away from a helicopter while driving a fast car is fun!

I do worry that splitting the population between mixed battles and ground battles is resulting in longer queues and more bots, but I’ve also been finding that helicopter matches aren’t nearly as empty as they were when the update first launched. I have no idea how normal matches are doing, as I’ve only been playing the mixed matches.

The aspect of the update that is giving me the most pleasure is the new maps. These big maps are more fun to play for me, and I like how unpredictable they can be. I also love that if I play the new mode, I never have to deal with Sector Ex.
What other maps don’t appear in helicopter mode? Whichever other ones are missing, I don’t miss them.


Even if a player can fly planes into a clan war, they are not allowed to fly into raids :wink: :joy:

I don’t like it, I did not start playing crossout because I wanted to fly helicopters and I feel like this helicopter craze is gonna be the next excuse the devs won’t do anything to the base game for a prolonged amount of time while pumping out helicopter content an ignoring ground combat, and focus on just tossing random balance changes back and forth depending on helicopter and helicopter mixed mode results only

This update is just 2much heli 4me just like the test range building update as 2much test range building 4me

Also the new autocannon is already a monster just to manage fighting helis, which makes it even more op at ground combat outside the heli mode

You don’t even need to try to miss the shots for the explosions, shoot an enemy build directly and land enough shots to blow a hole in structural parts and then shoot a bullet into that hole, it explodes in the hole and nukes usually everything in builds, modules ammo boxes everything


I lovethe current update. Flight was needed, and with how old the game is it was obvious the devs where starting to run ragged. You can only work on a game so long before new features need to be added or else you just get tired.


Yes, screw Sector Ex.

I like the update, partly because the rest of the game is somewhat wonky and I’m glad to have something else to do, besides deal with it. Plus, the copters are fun, regardless.

What’s wonky about the rest of the game, you didn’t ask? I won’t tell you. I think it’s a list too long to poison this thread with, but I will say they do have a lot of neglected and seemingly abandoned features that need renovation badly. I hope they give those features some attention before they move on to the next game breaking addition, and stop painting over old features, rather than fixing or updating them…Adventure Mode, please?

I agree, that they need Air raids…well, “need” is probably a strong word, but I haven’t done a raid in a long-ass time, because I’m just too bored with them. Copters might help reinvigorate an interest in those.

Are wheels now even more obsolete? Poor wheels. I think they need a buff pretty bad. Why do they hate wheels? I really just came here for the rusty old cars, but that Mad Max thing they had going seems to be very over.


In my opinion, this update is one of the last, nails in the game’s coffin. Maybe this game won’t fail completely, but it will remain stagnant. And the wider pot community just waves their hands at this game and says, better checkers than this.


I’m actually feeling like wheels are more effective in air battles than ground battles. I’ve been mostly playing wheels since the update.

  • they’re the only movement part fast enough to get across the big maps quickly
  • that speed makes them hard for helicopters to target.
  • you can run exposed DPS weapons again without being at a massive disadvantage against strafing horseshoe builds.
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That map has been a thorn in the games side sense it was released. it alone is why there is a force to CQB weapons as they dominate so heavily on that map.


I keep hearing that they are slow, but I can beat most players, and Bots, to the center of the battle with my Thug-copter (80kps), and sometimes I do, just to lure the bots away from their groups. I think there are nuances to the keyboard and mouse controls that players are either not using or haven’t discovered. My copter accelerates very rapidly.

I will say that I’ve had trouble duplicating that speed and agility (and durability) with any other cab than the Thug. I tried the Bat though, and that cab was good and showed potential in that aspect, but it’s power-score debilitates it with a lack of durability for the weapons used against it at that level. Also, the rotors begin to get shot off easily as I’ve increased power-score, which is something that never happens below 6K.

Anyway, I’m still working on that Firestarter build, and I’m thinking the Bat on rotors might happen for that project. it is fast and agile, and it gives me a explosion radius bonus for the GL-55s, I think? The good ol’ Harpy might be another potential solution. IDK.

The missile spam makes flying ability a little irrelevant, probably. I’m certain that’s why it’s so popular. A lot of kids like camping. I don’t. I like aerobatics, and am looking for an excuse for action. Missiles are something of a buzz-kill in that respect, I think.


Yeah the AA Auto cannon Starfall should have limited fire angle… It should be only able to aim at 30 degrees or higher. Need to aim at the sky is what i mean and not at the ground.

Also I do to worry about them limiting the Ground combat stuff now.
They should just do a crossout too if they wanted this helicopters in it. I love flying but idk the game feels odd now.

Hope flyers is not the death of CROSSOUT :frowning: . I do like the maps though. I would have been happy with new maps new raids and a remastered Adventure mode that has purpose… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:
Even big team battles would have been more fun.

Yeah I did not ask for flyers, The helicopter events was fun but a full game play change from the mad max style apocalypse is unwanted to the new take some of the player base and put them in helicopters.
I just want CROSS-PLAY… I cant talk about it enough to add some fresh faces to console. Instead of same people over and over again.
Heck even leviathan 5 vs 5 battles would have been so freaking fun or even 3 vs 3.

Just feel so many other aspects of the game could have been looked at before something like Helicopters.


quite the opposite, as most the spam is pyre which have a low turn radious fast accrobatics and a copter that can move over 100 KPH means you can just ignore them so long as you are moving fast and doing tricks.

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It’s funny, I thought I would make things really tough for myself and play a wheeled melee build in the new mode.

First match I got immediately obliterated by a tusk/lance build. Was definitely not expecting that.
Next match I somehow got MVP. Was also not expecting that.

Today I thought I’d take my Corvo car out, and managed to get a bunch of MVPs, even though I barely have the range to hit anything in the air.

Not sure how I’ll try to handicap myself next. Maybe artillery?

Definitely not trying to brag about my skills. More just noticing that helicopters definitely aren’t dominant.

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Crossplay no needs, we don´t need play with iphone kids. But what game needs is match filter PS level that not happen the 10k builds play with 17k builds. Need cheaper recycle system and with update free storage slots up about 100 slots and more 3 blueprints slots will be good show will from devs to players. The game need too PVE separate system of match normal PVE for scrap and with helicopters builds like is at PVP. And some mission where you destroy leviathans wil helicopters builds could be awesome. Game finally needs surely prohibit part rotor to confrontation, happens that helicopter builds appear at confronation.

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If they add helicopter propellers to Adventure mode, and fix Bedlam. this would be a ‘decent’ update.


I meant in regards to the pilot launching the missile spam. I think they prefer using missiles because it allows them to forgo the difficulties of aerobatics (chasing prey, aiming, risking potential confrontation, and dodging return fire), and they simply camp and launch their crap, and the missiles do the fancy flying for them. It makes flying abilities irrelevant, and bypasses the difficulty of the flight controls some complain of.

While we are flying 100kph, pulling aerial stunts to avoid their missiles (not to mention other bad-guys), and possibly attempting to bullseye tiny speeding missiles manually, they are camped, or simply flying straight away to another victim, with far less effort…that’s the scope of it anyway. I’m not sure how successful they are at scoring kills that way, but that is the “art” of it, I think, and I think that is why it is so popular; the flight controls are difficult. Whereas launching missile spam is not.

Like I said, I’m not sure of their success rate with that, as the missiles aren’t that powerful, but they are annoying AF.

I have a Dusk myself, and I’m familiar with how schitty missiles are on the ground, so I know they aren’t as easy as I may have made them sound, but I have to say that being in the air removes a lot of the obstacles that make targeting with guided missiles from ground vehicles so difficult (the Nest is particularly difficult like that). I am certain that it is much easier from the air…not certain enough that I don’t think I shouldn’t try it myself. I could be wrong.

As I and other have suggested before; if you think it’s so easy then try it yourself. I will do that with my session tonight. Like I said, I have a Dusk (fused) and a Nest (also fused), so I should put my money where my big mouth is, right?

I’ll eat my hat maybe? I’ll see.

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I’m still on the fence about the whole update.

I think overall the devs did a great job; it must have been a major effort, and yes the new maps are greatly welcomed. Hopefully the people who gripe that nothing really new ever comes along anymore, will be quiet for awhile. I even had fun building a copter and playing it in bedlam with a small group of clanmates (until bedlam is fixed).

On the other hand, after having spent a little over 2 years just to get where I am with my car builds, permanent copters come along and I feel like the cars will soon be forgotten relics. I dread that the novelty factor might last longer than just a few months, too. I see it splitting the playerbase into diehard copter-only players and diehard copter haters. Bedlam will devolve into 90% copter-users, with just a handful of us making up the other 10%. Future updates may focus on flying stuff, with everything else an afterthought.

Then — and yeah, I know this is subjective — the aesthetics of the whole thing…is somehow not quite “there”. My copter, sorta looks like a copter, moderately armed and lightly armored. I did some of the “get-wires-with-copters-allowed” missions last night, and what am I facing? A flying tank, goliaths and all, fresh from a ground battle, turned into a copter just by adding a rotor. Yeah right. Then I see a flying box…and I mean a 6-sided box, the rotor being the only appendage, with portholes allowing cannons to fire outwards. How…artistic. Then of course came along Mr. One-Shot-One-Kill with nothing but an avalanche mounted on his nose…very easy to avoid, making it somewhat lacking as a one-shot-one-kill wonder weapon.

I guess I just see copters as not being merely an extension of the game, but actually taking us away from the original intent of the game, that being ground-car combat. Maybe next year, they’ll give us pontoons, so we can mount them on a tank (goliaths and all) and let it think it’s a boat…and maybe even ballast tanks to let it submerge like a submarine. (Don’t forget to add a special paint that makes it airtight, the color of which will undoubtedly resemble my 5 untradeable cans of “midnight”.) :confused: