How does someone like me get sponsored by crossout

Here the answer you dont and it doesnt matter how many hours you have in game or how many videos you post :rofl: :rofl:

TheRussianBadger got sponsored. It’s possible.

JBRider, I believe, is sponsored, or at the very least gets money (and his promo account!) from the devs.

ya their content creator partners not sponsored i dont think, but cuz of how many subs or followers on their channel ect but someone like me who posts videos that are non-edited with a natural thumbnail not made cause I rather be myself then something that im not and sure people might think my videos are boring cause its not edited lol when other ytbers post 1 or 2 vids a day, i sometimes post like 10 or 15 vids cause id like to give people something to watch even if its boring or makes no sense

Punctuation please.


. , ! /? :; "’ hows that lol

I had a stroke reading this.

well atleast u survived it lol

something about your gag reflex

i think its just a promo account and maybe gold but no cash unless its for a special promo like pewdiepie. same with mods, theyre playing addicts themselves and do it for the gold they get because this is all they get, no money.

sounds to me like they dont want to give out promo accounts for low effort spam from complete nobodies. i mean get a grip, if your videos are as described why would they?

so im supposed to be fake just like many to get clout lol ya i rather be myself nd a nobody to most but many know me in this community except pc, nd most ps players who dont run 20k ps oh nd noobs who dont run 20k ps on xbox just like u muppet ur nobody to me cuz i dont know u lol same thing


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I already gave you punctuations :joy: :joy:

Burning peak couldn’t even get one and he had 40k subscribers at least.

im sittin at like alil over 100 subs in 6 years with over 1000 videos :joy: :joy: views over subs with me, views r better then subs in my eyes

Sorry, man, sorry about what I’ve got to say. but i’m going to be frank ( i’m reading this and… i don’t get your logic)

How many subscribers do you have?
How many views do you have in average?

I mean, you come in here asking what you asked and say that you put no effort whatsoever in the production of your vids, you just stream your games, is that it?
You don’t seem willing to improve the way you do your vids, because you are doing you, really?

A youtube channel can take ages to be picked up by the algorithm.

And the above , OMG. No thanks.

In Crossout there’s at least 4 active or sort of active YTs, Mr.G. JBrider, the new kid, and that german guy that post here sometimes.
And several others, like you ( i assume ) cause i see them often in games with YT at the front of their nicknames.

What do you do different from the others and the competition ( those 4 that i mentioned) ?

What can you add entertainment wise and how to kind of vids ?

You don’t even have an idea, do you? You can be pretty good at it and you don’t have the slightest cause… lazy AF.

Man, nothing wrong in you doing you. Post a vids, share with us, all in good fun.
But If you want to do something more seriously, try it, contact the game, show your portfolio, maybe they will give you a promo account.
But you have to step up to the plate,
Someone said Pewdepie and russian badger, those guys can bring new players to this game, their channels have millions of subscribers, these kind of channel have a team behind them ( production, editing, producers and so on) supporting them.

Flamu, Flambass, Migthy jingles, Notser, Ichaser, and many others more , are smaller YT channels between 50k and 500 k that do well.
All of them in production value and in content are worlds apart from the casual guy with a channel.

I bet Crossout is dying to give promo accounts left, right and centre, but you really have to step it up if you want to go serious with this.

True but many people dont like a multi creator, they rather a creator that does 1 thing mostly in gaming area but my content seems lazy cuz i dont edit but why should it if im showing a battle but other then that im usually busy running 2 small businesses nd most times when im on twitch i have it saying AFK nd it also says it in the twitch bio nd im willing to play 1 game out of many i play if i get offered a contract to play 1 game then ya, sure im a nobody in the media world but i am known by my customers which i dont talk about gaming to them cuz i rather keep it professional about the job at hand

TheRussianBadger does this fine, and he has thousands of subscribers

(He really is an awesome channel by the way)

I watch crazy russian hacker cuz its more interesting, i dont really watch gaming stuff nd when i do their full games with no edits

I’ll bet they use punctuation.

That’s up to you, but i personally advice you to branch out your offer (several games )
I played Warships, never played tanks, but i see those vids also and others.
I follow several youtubers, several channels, several type of content, cameras, photos, traveling, games, and so on.
Instead of doing 10/15 vids a day you can do much less with greater quality, i’ve seen from a vid a day to a vid a month, it depends and vary from channel to channel.
And the vids don’t have to be yours, take mighty jingles or Klaus Kellerman as an example, people send them vids and they comment on it, Highlights, and stuff.
Others play and play and do edit on top of that, show type of builds, explain how to play, what to do and what not to do, explain the mechanics and so on.
Every single vid of a serious YT channels has a structure.
Yeah, putting that in your bios… you won’t go far.
1- you have to create something people like.
2- your channel has to demonstrate (at least ) potential to grow and be sustainable
3- your channel has to pass a point where the algorithm start to pick it up
While not strict necessary to have all boxes ticked, it’s the difference between asking and be invited to. It’s what companies are looking for, means to spread their product.
I presume Crossout may be the easy level, they could give you an account provided you show them an appealing platform for their content