How does traction work with wheels

I’m running 4 ST wheels and when I hit certain turns, it seems the car slips out of control
Is this game making driving more realistic? When I turn I go in a different direction than I

Also, wondering what aspect of wheels affects the traction of a tire. How can I tell
if one wheel has better traction than another?

I may be wrong on ALL of this because it’s just from my own experience playing the game. It seems like the devs are slowly trying to make traction realistic but it hasn’t hit all the wheels yet. Last year, I was running around on shivs for the most part and, then, the devs started the winter event with snow and ice everywhere, and my wheels with the 25% traction perk were useless on the field. Slipping around everywhere. Then, on a whim, I equipped the chained wheels and, wouldn’t you know it, I had traction! I felt like king God on the field with my blue-rare wheels while everyone else is running epics. Anyhow, that’s all I got on the subject.

Try changing two of your ST wheels to non-ST. Your acceleration will be better, you won’t oversteer and fishtail as much, and you can use the handbrake to swing your rear end around for a tighter turn.

Also watch your mass balance: too much mass in the rear will increase oversteer, too much in the front will lead to understeering.

Wheel grip varies with the tier - the higher, the better. Some have said that the Bigfoots have the best grip due to being biggest, but testing now I don’t see a difference in handling.

The grip of ST wheels was recently reduced by half, despite it being the same rubber for both types. Typical Tard’em. Because the autocrat Mad King Alex wants you to play the way his mood swings tell him what it should be like at the moment. In case he’s wrong, Goth Princess Yuri is always there to cover for him with some made-up excuses.

My long-time main PvP car had 8 Buggy wheels, which I all upgraded for +25% grip. I could notice improved handling, mainly in close quarters, when trying to outmanoeuver enemies. My raid car has 2 Bigfoots ST and 2 Sabbaths, also upgraded for +25% grip, with the same result. After the ST wheels nerf, upgrading STs for more grip doesn’t make much sense. It used to be the best upgrade for wheels, especially epics, as they have the most grip, but I’d recommend putting off aiming for this particular upgrade until the nerf is reverted.

I’m now using a car with Omnis. Learning to strafe and so on. Considering the ST wheels nerf, I recommend the Omni over a set of STs, if you can afford Omnis. I strafe with thumb buttons on the mouse, as it lets me perform more complex manoeuvers. I managed to get an unopened Corsair Scimitar for $19.49, but any mouse with two conveninetly placed thumb buttons will be fine, such as the Corsair M65, which has a sniper button useful for placing stickers.

I tested the same thing, and didn’t notice improvement. Not saying you didn’t get that, but I certainly didn’t. I used 4x Chain Wheel ST. Maybe that’s why? Anyway, to my knowledge, different wheels having grip for specific terrain types should still be a thing of the past, after the feature was removed years ago. As if they didn’t even need that at least for advertising: “Join Crossout! A game where you can match wheels to specific terrain types when building, and then switch your vehicles in the loading screen for optimal performance!”

Yes - I have tried to watch the green arrows on the Mass diagram. and at least make sure it is all balanced. I’m still
playing with a keyboard & mouse so controls are a bit limited.

I have been using the chained wheels but I’m prob at too low a level (20) to get anything good.
Where does the traction-perk show? Have not seen that yet.

it’s a random option we get when we upgrade our wheels.