How flipping fast do Augers or Meatgrinders or whatever they are called go?

Where is the speed limitation for using Meatgrinders? I don’t care what Cabin, what Engine, what fusions, whatever, there is no way a vehicle with Augers should go 78 KPH!
What did these Developers do now?
Steal speed from every Medium Cabin and raise the speed limitation on Augers?
Screw this crap!
I go 78 KPH if my Cheetah is destroyed and there is no reason that I should not be able to outrun short range Goblins with Augers!

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Unmodified or boosted, 60kph.
They also have melee resistance & do melee damage… the heavier your rig, the more damage they do.
This is the first time since I’ve been playing XO that I’ve ever heard anyone complain about how GOOD augers are. :man_shrugging: :joy:


With golden eagle they go 70 kmh, which when paired with a fast light cabin can feel pretty nimble.
Especially once you get used to the controls. Their unique handling can help you chase people who are faster than you and still catch them.

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If you upgrade that golden eagle for speed you can hit 71 lol…


Thanks friends!

keep in mind you may also be experiencing weapons fused for distance on top of the augers themselves being buffed.

its the same as the old gobby under tank tracks build. They are starting to permeate like all Meta builds do.


prices rising too , good time to craft and sell , about 120 coins over crafting price right now

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They’ve been high on PS4 for a long time. The prices convinced me to sell a couple, as six auger builds are barely playable.

I kind of regret it though. Sometimes it’s nice to feel like you’re driving a building.

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The funny thing is, goblins/gremlins sandwiched between augers have been strong for a long time, but no one seemed to realize it until recently.
I would say they’re slightly stronger now, because despite the complaints I see on the forum, augers are a lot more drivable now.
Yes, they lost some quirky qualities that some of us used to take advantage of, but those handling quirks are also what kept many people away from them.

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Well, time to retire R-Type 52 and use Phobos for the speed boost. Seems silly to give up the Perks towards Turrets but 6 kph is 6 kph.

I’ve only tested it once, but the speed boost Phobos is supposed to give doesn’t work.

At least, on my top speed Cheetah/Aggressor build, it doesn’t go any faster with Phobos. :man_shrugging:

Maybe it works on slower builds.

71 stable is the fastest I’ve ever hit and I tried most everything.

Just happened, lost my Cheetah being chased by Auger Goblin enemy. With Phobos, I outran the gunfire and gained distance away and my Flying Drones had greater range and they drove right into the Turrets I popped out along my escape. Escape velocity Captain! Phobos for the escape!