How is energy distributed between the parts that consume it?

As you know if the generator on your vehicle is destroyed, the energy level of your build can drop so much that it won’t be enough energy to supply all parts and some of them will be disabled.

A detailed explanation.

If the generators are destroyed, then those parts that lack power will stop working.
The order of the energy sufficiency checking is as follows:

  1. Passive modules (engines, radiators, coolers; i.e. the parts that don’t need to be activated)
  2. Modules (invisibility modules, scopes, shields, etc.; i.e. the parts what need to be activated)
  3. Melee weapons (saws, augers, harvesters, etc.; i.e. the weapons that don’t shoot)
  4. Firearms (machine guns, shotguns, cannons; i.e. the weapons that shoot)

This way, the firearms are disabled first, and the parts are disabled last (although they never actually get disabled).

Within a weapon group (for example, if you have several cannons mounted on your vehicle), the last mounted part will be disabled first.

If a sufficiently power-consuming module is destroyed after the generator is lost, the previously disabled weapon may become operational again.