How is MVP in raids assigned?

Not damage, not points, then with what?


maybe he did sick 900 that no one saw.



I had a recent Raid… Someone explain this to me… I lost the manual

Never did I think this would happen…

'the manual is still being written…the Vip doesn’t count toward your badges(only if you see a vip badge on your reward screen.) this vip is just for fun…are you having fun? :crazy_face: :rofl: :kissing_heart:

Most of time i ask to my self too, how does they count ?

It might have something to do with objective completion.

You had the most points, which is how I thought it would be assigned.

nitebird…ok I had the most points… but if I read the other stats how did I get the most? The 2 above me clearly out gunned me. How did I achieve:
?? Thats what I wanted to know… And Yes I’m having fun…

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I think it assigns points based on objective completion and if you do certain things, such as attack guys that are part of the objective, or destroy leviathans, then this is weighted more heavily than minion damage.

Just a theory.

@101364268 That’s what I was thinking too.