How is this possible? is it possible?

sorry for another more complainy post but… i want to bring something up that i think is wrong with these clan challenges.

destroy 700 enemies in clan wars
destroy 800 enemies in clan confrontation
deal 10,000,000 damage in any mode
deal 15,000,000 damage in any mode
complete 50 daily challenges
achieve 500 victories in missions or brawls

i mean… this isnt all of them but… are the top 2 even doable?

cause lets put something into perspective here, clan wars is timed, you have specific times to go into this mode and even if you were to have a super active team of all 20 members… would this even be possible to get 800 kills in that time?
the damage thing is ok i suppose, i can do alot of damage with my incinerators and retchers as well, but these other ones though… this is SUPER unfriendly to solo players and they wouldnt be able to get any amount of badges from this.

also 250 victories in raids
20 victories in raids

so idk how possible this is but if your team is doing all easy raids on steel cradle rushing it then… maybe? but common this is really bad…


Me and my three clan-mates would have to get about 29 kills per day, everyday, each, to get 800 kills in a week.

Clearly, I don’t belong in this mode. I do not care nearly enough about this game to put in that kind of effort. I’m just not that dedicated, and really can’t fathom that kind of determination, and for what? It’s ridiculous.

I totally get why this makes people feel defeated, and have no idea what the developers were thinking.

They didn’t make any announcement to go with this update either, but it’s so stupid it probably hurts to say it out loud. I’m not sure I blame them…for that.


but thats IF you can get that many. theres many things that factor into those kinds of numbers. how many kills each person gets, how many kills per round, and also how long the rounds stay open for which is the biggest contributor here.

i cant understand why they did that myself either. really thats just outrageous and is going to make alot of players quit since they are essentially cutting out a ton of content and locking it behind a pointless mode that many people dont want which is clan stuff.

like… theres some things im ok with and others im not ok with.
clan confrontation 800 kills
clan wars 700 kills
these two im not ok with because thats just absurd.

deal 1 - 15 million damage in any mode
complete raids 20 - 250

these im fairly ok with but 20 raids is pushing it for the lower end of the reward. 250 is very much pushing it and i dont think i do that many in a week. not to mention raids are FIXED now. you dont have 2 random raids anymore, they fixed them so they are exactly the same so it takes even longer for you to get the raids you want, and sometimes the raids dont show up for hours. i was waiting over a day to get perimeter breach and i have to wait for a random chance to get it.

ALSO they lowered the rewards for the daily challenges to. someone also brought this up. its been changed a bit. i didnt read the full patch notes but WOW that was a dick move.


We have guys already doing way more then that in a single day.

A single person can do double that is a single session easy. And a session is like 40-45min right?

Seems fair to me.


Well, this guy will have to get about 115 kills in that mode everyday, just to complete that challenge, so it’s just not going to happen, even without considering that the mode is gated, and only available in intervals.

What this update means for me, is that I will get no more badges, and as far as I can tell there is no work-around for solo players. It’s simply play clan wars in a large group (four guys isn’t going to cut it), or get no badges, or the exclusive goods offered through badges.

Off topic: I thought they were going to release that new pack with the new orb-wheels. What happened with that?

When it says “destroy enemies”, does that count assists?

Let’s say I can play 15 confrontation matches in an hour, and maybe average two kills/assists per match, that ends up being 30 per hour. Currently I probably play between 12-16 hours per week, which would result in 300-400 kills per week if I were only playing that mode (which is unlikely, given that it’s not always active).
So a four person band could do a lot per week, but hard to say how far they could get.
Very curious what I can accomplish this week on my own, but hoping I can recruit some grinders.

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Yes it does.

It’s super easy. Install MGs, make sure to hit everyone once.

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Agreed. No way to say unless people play it.

In that case, the numbers aren’t so scary. 2 kills per confrontation would be a very low estimate, which means if I have a couple good sessions I could accumulate a lot over a week.

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are you sure about this? that assists count towards the “destroy enemies” counter?
if thats the case then… how would that be calculated?
lets say a team of 4 take on 1 guy, all 4 get a hit on the guy and 1 gets the kill. would that count as 4 kills for everyone total since you said the assist would count? if thats the case then 700 - 800 kills might be doable.

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The same way it is calculated for K/D

i wouldnt know how thats calculated lol. i dont really pay attention to that stuff. but it would count as 4 kills rather then just 1?

In PvP missions if I hit 4 guys with 1 bullet and then my team kills them for me, That is counted as 4 kills for everyone that hit each person once.

If you have 4 clan mates on in the same match and you kill everyone. And let’s also assume that everyone hit everyone one time.

That is 16 kills added to the calculation.

Even though you only had 4 people to kill the system counts your kills seperately.

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huh, i had always assumed that it worked that way but i never thought of it much. i assumed this because even in missions i had where it would say get X amount of kills the assists would always count. so its good to know the system actually works that way. thanks for that info.

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I figured it out.

XO game devs want to apply to work at Blizzard. This is a blizzard level fuck up.

only wanted the end of that where krillin says “ohhhh noooooo” xD

i joined your band and i cannot earn anything until the next season. no badges, no reputation, no points, nothing. im blocked off till the season resets. FRICKEN FANTASTIC!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Wow, lol.

I wonder if that’s what’s happening with my account.
At least I got the 600 badges from the first tutorial challenge, and we should finish the crate one soon (if it hasn’t been already).
Hoping they fix this glitch before the season flips over.
Looking at the bug report page, this seems like mostly a PlayStation issue.

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