How many times are these goliaths gonna keep giving me tonnage?

I just about had it, feel ripped off

Omg did it a third time with same results, I’m cursed today.

for 1 tank track it took me 10 rolls each track to get less mass and upgrading 12 x 10 rolls each at 600 coin each track ya its not cheap but i upgraded them like a few years ago when they werent so cheap

This don’t even seem rng related, this seems likes it is on purpose. Everything else went smoothly except when re upgrading past bad upgrades and it seems to stay in this endless loop of bad upgrades

IMO fusion shouldn’t even be a thing, and it’s one of the worst things to ever happen to this game, but since it’s here, they should at least let us choose the fusion. It is pretty expensive, and the idea of random improvements is stupid on every level, except for the fleecing of wallets. That is the only logical reason for it being this way, and it’s crappy…but then it was born from the sewer of gaming ideas, so crap it will be.


I passed on the goliath upgrades from the last mini bp because I couldn’t use my already upgraded goliaths in the crafting so I had to do it this way. I got no use for 6 goliaths, this is just very unfortunate. I’m gonna try a fresh upgrade with out the previously upgraded goliath and see if that can break the cycle.

maybe it’s giving you the best choice ?

I tried for months to get a particular fusion on some Racing Wheels, and repeatedly got the same two wrong fusions back and forth. It was frustrating, and I would probably never try it with more expensive items.

I think battle passes or event benches are the only reasonable place to acquire fusions, but the whole paradigm is BS, IMO. Unless they change the system again, I’ll wait for events to do upgrades.

IDK if it’s even worth it ever to do fusions since they change the game dynamics so often. My fusion buffed Fuzes got nerfed right after I fused them, and are mostly worthless now (even fused), for example. So fusion upgrades aren’t very reliable, and they make it so you can’t unburden yourself of newly-fused-then nerfed-into-useless items by selling them. Seems pretty hard to win.

My game doesn’t need extra BS. It has plenty. I’d vote to remove fusion completely.

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At least my impeller fusion went good on the first try plus the price tanked, only paid 805 for it after it was selling for 1500.


I got a little plan. I still got 1 epic stabilizer so ill use that on the tonnage track while keeping durability the same and see if it would roll either surface traction or power. I much rather have negative mass but I’m getting desperate with being stuck in a bad upgrade loop. Ill do the final upgrade with fresh 2 new goliaths and see if that would help break the bad loop I’m stuck in as well.

Good golden eagle upgrade as well

That was most definitely a bug. Any upgrade tied to the original upgraded goliath that I’ve had for over 5 years always keeps spitting out tonnage. I did it 5 or 6 times and on the final try I just started fresh and finally got negative mass plus surface traction so that means the original goliath was cursed.

Paid roughly 600 per track so that’s like 3600 coin forever lost. Don’t even count the huge upgrade spree on other wheels/modules. Golden eagle, Impeller, razerback, bootstrap.

That’s incredibly harsh.

That’s a curious anomaly. I don’t do very many fusions, but I’ll take note of that. Thanks for reporting it. Sure, it might be nothing, but it might be something.

u upgraded razorback engine lol

but all seriousness just wait for halloween and christmas upgrade event

That was from free non tradeable razerbacks so the razerbacks didn’t cost me anything, had two sitting around.

I could do a report ticket but not worth the effort. Something similar happened with the original tonnage omnibox from the very first battlepass. I had to do that one like 3 or 4 times i remember.

I dunno it seems that the RNG freaks out when upgrading very old items that you had for a long time. With recent fusions it don’t seem to get repeat items unlike with reupgrading older gear.