How much do you play?

I don’t play the game much during the summer. (winter is another story).

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Sometimes to the point where I’d max out on scrap and wires, but lately I’ve played less than 10 game sin 2 weeks as Exoprimal came out and is an actual good and fun game instead of Crossout


I barely play it anymore since devs either don’t update it, or fuck it up when they do (twice/year). I can almost hear them scream “We don’t want your money” from here. So I’m throwing my money at music stores instead :fire: :guitar: Can’t wait for that volume pedal…

Anyone got some ambient guitar/delay & reverb tricks?


Currently I play about 6-10 hours a week, depending if I have a building project I want to work on or not. If I had to guess I would say 10% on the market, 40% building and 50% solo PvP missions.

When I played top ten CWs I used to play a lot more, but I have not done that in about a year.

I have never been the type of player to do the weekly challenges or max out on resources. I just have to much other real life stuff to do.

I hope that Mini-CWs is good and that might make me play a little more, but since I already have the majority of the game items fused I have little incentive to grind. At this point I only play for fun.

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Sorry for encouraging off-topic stuff, but what are you using for delay/reverb?
Personally, I love the BOSS Space Echo clone. Great simulation of tape echo madness, although the reverb isn’t as big as you might like (it’s just a reproduction of the original spring reverb, so it’s clangy and metallic rather than lush and deep).

If you’re not already, consider some kind of modulation effect like a phase shifter or tremolo. Slide playing sounds really nice with lots of delay, so might be time to try some open tuning.

A nice way to come up with ambient ideas is to set up a drone to jam over. Before I owned any synths, I used to just tape down some keys on an old organ. Gives you a tonal bed that you can drop long lazy notes over top of.

Or get yourself a looping pedal and generate some drones from your guitar.

Also, if there are any pawn shops near you, keep an eye out for an old lap steel. They’re often very cheap, and are great for sliding ambient guitar textures and Pink Floyd vibes. Just beware of falling down the rabbit hole of lap steel tunings: there are many, and figuring out the best for you can take over your brain if you’re not careful.

Edit: don’t forget to tempo sync your delay! 1/2 notes of 1/4 notes are great, but see if you can set up a 3/16 tempo delay for really nice tumbling rhythm.

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I don’t know what you just said but it sounds very cool.


I’ve never timed myself, but I have a pretty set routine & pretty strict priorities I give myself for how I spend my time. If I didn’t do that, I’d spend almost all my time on the porch reading & listening to music.

As is, during the week, I rarely have time to really sit down and play. If I do during the week, the goal will be to bang out the dailies which I can generally do in about 30 minutes or less.

I rarely complete 40 challenges a week, so however often that calculates to.

Every couple of weeks, I may get up early on a Saturday or Sunday and spend an hour or more playing. This is when I either build something really weird, go head-first into dozens of PVP matches, or bang out all the random other challenges like “get the wires x 10,” side missions etc.

My guess would be the short weeks (aside from the ones I play 0 hours,) I play about 2 hours total.
Weeks I play a lot, I might manage 4.

I think whatever amount you play is fine so long as your life is in order. There is an upper limit where that’s going to be impossible. Gaming is addictive… really truly addictive. So is TV/Netflix/etc.

Go outside, touch grass etc etc etc…


DOD Rubberneck for delay. Not much choice for an analog delay with a long delay time, and it was the best one for the price without grabbing some taiwanese copy of a copy for 20€. I really love it, but had to send the first one back tho because it refused to start after a couple months. Probably faulty quality control, a bit sad but not a problem given the price and guarantee.
It does… wait, you guys don’t note it like us. 1/4 notes = 4 notes/bar, right? It does 1/4, 1/8, and 3/16, yes. Also got the option to cut the dry signal, and an effect loop to put effects on the wet signal only. I love that thing, barely use it at 20% of its potential yet and it’s so fun :eyes:

The delay is a Old Blood Dark Star. I wanted a reverb and the freeze feature, but wrongly assumed I could get reasonable reverbs out of the pedal. It doesn’t do reasonable reverb, but if you want to do synth pads and don’t want to bother with a keyboardist, that’s a solid option. Anyway, I got a boring, reasonable reverb in my amp already so it sorta worked out in the end?

The phaser is on its way, and it’s not factory set on stun (^:

Lapsteel looks cool, but not really common here in Europe. I do experiment a bit with prepared guitar sometimes tho. It’s always fun to turn your guitar into a broken vibraphone. If you’ve never tried the paper/string piece woven between your strings, give it a chance :wink:


I used to play a lot more. I used to complete the challenges for CW, Batteries, Scrap, Wires, and Hard raids.

I can’t be bothered to play the game anymore. I just log on to send out my Leviathan to play scrap.


I play about 10-12 hours per week. I play Monday and Thursday morning clan wars, 4-7 a.m. and sometimes saturday. I do raids and other stuff at random times.


4 hours a day give or take
it’s become a routine. Unless there is something else happening because honestly everything takes priority over this blatant money sucker. When the Pokemon SV dlc comes out I’ll be playing that instead of this, and then play this again once I’ve had enough fun with that

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This. I’m collecting my two Gerridae and leveling up to get another Charybdis. Ain’t sure whether they gonna roll out new omni but I don’t care anymore.

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Those are some serious experimental effects! Not going to lie, I’m a bit jealous of your toys.

Anyway, back on-topic: I probably play about 12 hours a week, mostly during the day on Mondays and Tuesdays

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I quit playing for a while now… will probably get back to it before current season ends.

Recently came across the Walrus Audio Slöer Stereo Ambient Reverb demo on youtube, and i’m not a guitarist but it sounded rather inspiring… but it’s not cheap, around 350.-


I maxed out my scrap and copper. I haven’t done that more than a couple times, but I’m trying to grind out a Catalina presently, so I’ve done some marathons lately.


I like to play xo everyday, even if its just for 30 mins.

Im a person who gets locked into just one game and will ususally spend all my computer time on that one game for years at a time once i have found a game that interests me enough like xo does. I dont have the time to invest nor the need to play multiple games.

I only came to xo because the Friday 13th game went to shiit with the hacked servers. I played that game solely everyday too. Now xo has taken its place as the ONE.

During the work week i play for an hour before bed in the morn and then maybe an hour after i get up in evening.
On weekends i play the most with hours at a time multiple times a day whenever i feel like it. I play on PC in pvp at 10k+ only and on AUTO server setting so im all around the xo world servers.


That’s very much how I am.
I’ll still toy around with other games every now and then, but that’s not even once a month. It’s XO & that’s it.

I simply don’t allocate enough time to get invested in more than one at a time.


i will not invest in any pay to play games anymore…
games like wow,wizard 101,
i bought ‘black desert’ when it first came out just to have it bought out by some crap company and now it’s unplayable,like most games out there.the list goes on and on of unplayable games that i invested alot of time in…

crossout is the only game thats standing tall above the rest in ‘repeatability’ :crazy_face:
'this is my go to game ‘until Ever Quest 3’ comes out :rofl:


Because I got all pumped up over building 9k builds for mini-CWs, I think the last few weeks I might have spent about 20 hours a week on the game.

I have not done that in a long time.

It’s been fun :slight_smile:


I probably play between 10 and 20 hours depending on the week.