How much do you respect the "pro" players?

We all know the type, plays something like low PS dual breaker builds, dual scorpion three hovers build, or triple gerrida blue cabin porcs, usually only ever seen with at least 3 fellow clan members playing in a 4 man group, that type of a player that seems to be what all the “endgame” players are up to, how much do you feel like respecting these kinds of "pro"s and “skills”?

I personally think they are quite low on the ladder of respect, I will give the solo fuze player running around the map for 1 and a half minutes instead of SD-ing more respect than these endgame heroes.

And I find it quite laughable that it’s players like these who have relics for the most part and then become a nuisance to anyone not whaling it up

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Perhaps they reached the top and saw nothing they were expecting just more things out of wack and balance.
And thought (insert K) PS was best and went back.
Or even with legendaries or relics they didn’t prosper in the adequate PS for it and now they are being “kings” in a land of “blinds”.

I don’t know about high PS in crossout.

But in warships, the most balanced Tier and where the players skill can be the most predominant (but it’s full of people new to the game) it’s Tier1.
The gameplay can be better ( or perspectives for a gameplay) at T1, once you start to get new bigger and powerful ships the thing starts to get unbalanced and to add insult to injury the player base overall skill doesn’t increase as you climb the levels.

I bet it’s the same here

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How much do you respect the “pro” players?

I don’t know where this “respect skill and pro” even comes from. Why would anyone respect some1 being good at GAME? I can respect scientists for advancing humanity technological progress, I can respect artist and enthusiasts for creating fun interesting stuff. I can respect people doing their jobs to keep world running.
I can only respect player for populating game. Nothing more. Although PvP creates lots of toxic ways for some people to have fun on expanse of others. That’s pvp. Respect goes overboard at this point.

low PS dual breaker builds

that’s not low PS.

playing in a 4 man group

these kinds of "pro"s and “skills”

If you need a group to keep a decent winrate, you’re not skill and no pro. They are ruining, abusing nonexistent balance in the game even more.
And the way people build, well. That is the point of the game - create most powerful build on certain PS.
On upto 9k PS you won’t get a meta build with naked cab and relics/legendaries, last time I played anyway.

Pretty much any game. None really wants to play against skilled, no win = no fun. And this random teams make your input less relevant the larger teams get. 15*15 in wargaming games and War Thunder are rather disgusting in this regard. XO was fun enough with it’s 4players+4ai teams, but even so they annoyed lots of players to leave with their greed and incompetence.

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I’ll respect them as much as they’ll allow me. Where I’m from, respect isn’t earned. It’s something we teach our kids to do without prejudice or pride.

Having said that, it has taken me a while to get used to “skill” and “video-game” being spoken of in the same context.

I suppose there are a lot of us who could walk with more dignity in all things, but I’m not a good judge for those kinds of things. I’m just another dumb-ass.

I’m trying to avoid thinking too much about how other people choose to play the game, or making assumptions about why they might be making those choices.

I pity the people with the fused relics. Some of these people have dumped THOUSANDS of USD into this game.

Those that seal club with those weapons are accelerating their own demise when the game dies because no one wants to play anymore.

I hope they’re not going into debt from paying for this game.

I hope they are
That would be genuinely funny

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I wouldn’t wish it upon them. Especially when everything seems to be going to hell.