How much does it pay to be a forum Moderator?

just wondering.

It’s often a volunteer position. However salaried forum mods avg around 40-50k a year. There’s also hourly rates too really depends on the company.

and do you have to understand the game you are moderating?

I’m not a moderator here btw. I’m just giving you info that I know from looking at the jobs. I’ve had similar jobs in the industry before though a number of times.

You generally have to understand both the topic and the forum platform however sometimes just knowing the platform is enough. It’s not limited to games either. There’s a lot of variation of it too sometimes the company might want someone that is more of a community organizer as well. You can look at some of the the listings on here if you’re really curious about that type of work: Forum moderator Jobs | Glassdoor

Thanks for the reply, from what i have seen with the link you provided it pays rather well.

NP, the pay goes up from the base line forum moderator too there are also positions as senior forum moderator too. See:

Some of the positions are remote from home some of them are in office. The other term that you could look up that is often cross indexed with forum moderation is “Social Media Specialist”.

Having played 22 years in online gaming, i wonder why tho, that all the moderators who felt they needed to use their “powers” against me, i have never seen them ingame, in any game.
I guess they are just in it for the money, and power over others.

Depends on the game, I’ve been a game moderator a number of times. Sometimes company policy prohibits a mod from playing with players other times they can. On a few games I worked on Mods were required to remove themselves from rankings as players thought there was an unfair advantage.

Mods tend to take a lot of player abuse though too. Abuse of power when stressed is a thing and does happen. Imagine having to answer the same questions over and over again or worse having someone going of on you because they don’t understand the inclusive use of an And statement in a TOS or Community guideline. It’s IT service work and can be taxing and harsh sometimes.

Good Reply Dirty hamster,

I can see where you are going, but stress is no excuse for a moderator to behave immaturely.
And neither is the lack of Involvement from a Company that prohibits its moderators from playing their game.
Who would you rather have moderate the game you made while you are sleeping?, A person who doesnt play it but has read all your guidelines and can recite the rules to from memory, or a person who has played the game extensively and knows the game in and out? of course in the latter example you would have to pick between many candidates and you would have to monitor their behaviour, but in the long run, who would be the better candidate?

Really depends a candidate that is fast on the uptake is the one I would pick. When you look between the categories there is any number of mistakes they can make. The contractual one has a slight advantage in that they can better explain when rules are enforced. The one that can quickly adjust to any changes in the game will be useful to the userbase. Neither of these are necessarily useful to the company though. The better moderator is going to be able to compile the events into repots and then send the back to the company asking for appropriate changes.

So it really depends on what a company dictates in their guidelines and how obedient the moderators are towards them in following their rules?.
Sounds like they just employ the best drones to enforce their rules, so they dont get caught in lawsuits that will cost them money.
And in your opinion the better moderator is sending the company the best reports, so they can adjust their strategy to make more money.

In all this fancy talk of yours, where is the human factor?
The moderator that everybody knows and respects, the moderator that plays the game everyday?, the moderator that you know is going to help you when you have been wronged?

I can tell you where he is.
Nowhere, because its all about the money.

All you will find here among the moderators are strangers who never play the game and have no clue about the games issues, but will gladly dictate the rules to you and give you ban notices because thats what they are paid to do.

The human factor comes in with what problems can actually be mitigated many have to be socio navigated. Each issue has to be directed to the departments that can make the most use of the reports. This separates out things like tech from finance.

When games get to a certain point in their own development there is really little they can do when trying to satisfy established users as every move pisses off some of the populous.

Sorry buddy, but your generalistic assessments and analistic reports might work nicely to dazzle people and pacify arguements in real life, but in this case it only shows you are locked into a certain type of communicating.
i didnt want this to get personal but if you want to have the last word then be my guest.

That’s understandable and goes with the constraints of the job…

The human factor comes with who they hire honestly, if the person can be nice and helpful and do a good job all at once then them being paid wont be anything negative, but all positive. The issue is not the salary or them being paid at all, the issue is the company choosing mods that doesnt not have that nice human factor and the mods themselves since when thats the case, said nice human factor only appears if the person is bringing it in as a personnal choice/bonus and that doesnt happen often, thats the issue.

Kinda ironic you complain about salary when you seemed interessed into it in your OP.

Depends on what the mods are dealing with I just understand the span of the job at different paid spots. I’ve been forum system admin, bug lead for sections of forums, developer, as well as a volunteer mod. It can be a good job that can be paid well and it can also be one that is really over whelming for no pay. Do you get what I’m saying? Yeah there is some irony and sarcasm in it too.

Ja, it’s like you said up above; it’s the same in most service jobs. Some pay well, some don’t, some are fun and some are more shitty.

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Apologies for speaking harshly towards you the other day Dirty_Hamster, there was too much beer in my brain and i felt like i was talking to Colin Robinson.

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lol, no worries.

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