How to ban someone?

A guy named , RSTALKEP, was ramming/pushing me everywhere during a raid. Since the start of the raid to the end of it, he was stucking me in corner all raid long…
Someone can do something about it ?


You need to make a report for unsportsmanlike conduct. I think you do that in game or on the reddit site. Also, you must get video of this or they won’t do anything about it. If you didn’t record the event, it is probably too late, but be sure to record next time.

Thanks Pacho


Banning is not going to help that only deals with messages. +1 to @DarthStall msg you have to cap a recording and report.

Best you can do is use these forums to report an infraction and for stuff like that its only a three day ban. Youd have to do somecrazy terrible stuff to get perma banned, almost nothing short of cheating.