How to change Garage for new players!

I made a short vid for you and converted it so I could post it here.

Step by step instructions:

1: log in (obviously)
2: click your banner with your username to enter profile
3: click the garage tab
4: scroll on the left to chooses garage
5: click apply.
6 (optional): change the weather in the dropdown box.

Extra note: you can also press “P” to test drive in your new garage, and then press “O” to edit the range. There is also other range objects you can craft or buy in the market using the tabs on top.

Have fun in your new garage!! :smiley:

EDIT: evidently the video doesn’t want to work, so just follow the instructions. I tried to fix and it told me no. :sob:

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I’m glad you posted this, because I keep forgetting how to do it! :hugs:

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I wished the different garages were available in the custom shop every now & then. Sure you can pick one up with an expensive pack . How many clients have that kind of cash to spend frivolously ?