How to destroy your own game

Give a cheap option for players to become invisible.
Give them an engine that speeds up their invis troll time.
Give them wheels that boost that engine.
Give them contact weapons that kill cars in 1 second.

Playerbase goes down *everyone is baffled


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And don’t forget, give them Gravastars and Hammerfals to dominate 9-11K PS completely. So a player who is clumsy even for melee can make 3-4 kills while watching some movie with his other eye.

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hehehe. patentspending, a fellow, maybe ex, forum user has described his gameplay exactly like this. its a grind game, i guess quite a few play it just like they would play a clicker game. with effectively zero brain activity.

Brainless fun is underrated. Sometimes you just want to unwind and blow people up.
But sometimes I want adrenaline instead of relaxation, so that’s when I choose a different build that requires more attention and effort.

I don’t know if I really understand playing just for the sake of grinding. I just want to enjoy my playtime, and whatever I do generates resources, so I don’t see the point of even thinking about my rewards. The only point of resources is to get more stuff, and the only point of new stuff is to enable new builds. But what is the point of new builds if you’re treating playing as a job?