How To Get a Good Hover

There has been much talk about hovers being overpowered movement parts. Here’s how to get your own.

You need to make the following items your top priority:

  1. Power fused hover cabin. The following cabins make especially good hovers.
    +Power -Mass Nova. (Hasn’t been offered since Season 2 Battlepass) Good with Icarus IV
    +Power -Mass Beholder. (Hasn’t been offered since Season 3 Battlepass but available now for $10!!! Good with everything.
  • Power Griffon/Kami. Good with Icarus VII.
    +Power Deadman Good with Icarus VII.

After your cabin, your next order of business is your engine. +Power Colossus and Hot Red are key items. You don’t have to go for -Mass on your second perk, as it is only 50 kg or so, and durability or resistance is just as important for a key part to your build. +power Cheetah or +power -Mass Oppressor are also good on Icarus VII builds, as these will fix tonnage problems.

Next, you need gun mounts. You get 3 large gun mounts by leveling up Lunatic faction, and you get 4 Elblow gun mounts in one of the Triad packs or you can wait for the elbows to come up in the weekly badge exchange. You must have all gun mounts incorporated into every build if you want to compete at Crossout. Buggy Floors, another Lunatic part are also a necessary component of most hover builds. So, level up Lunatics first, and get the Elbow mounts as your first $30 pack.

Next, you need a -Mass Apollo. This will probably be offered on the Christmas crafting event. This will improve all of your builds. Also, it is a building standard amongst Veterans, so when you download a build you won’t have to rebuild it.

Next, you need to fuse your hovers for either -power penalty or + hover efficiency. -Weight is best for your second perk on Icarus VII builds as tonnage is so tight. Stockpile your hovers and wait for an event fusion to get them done.

Different weapons work well on different types of hovers. Streaming weapons, such as Cyclones and Arbiters work best on Icarus IV, and fire and forget and tap fire weapons such as Destructor, Blockchain, Trigger, Cricket, Locust, Spectre, Aspect work best on Icarus VII. Also, cannnon should be on Icarus IV.

Figure out which cab and hover loadout you want to spec into and go and do that.

Am I forgetting anything?

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yup,hovers don’t belong in this game :crazy_face: :rofl:


currently icarus 7 = best fuze for max tonnage = 682 tonnage / 233 mass = 449 tonnage operational.

But this is the expensive bit fuzing the hovers. 8 with blue is kinda pushing the limit any higher and the build becomes slower even with power fuzes and cabine power.

if we (say coin aint no limit for tonnage for 8 hover build ) = 8x 682 T= 5456 for 233 mass = 1864 mass. Operational Tonnage would be 449x8 = 3592 T.

Hover icarus 7 Unfuzed 8 x 650 T = 5200 for 280x8 = 2240 Operational tonnage = 2960 tonnage

Differance of 8 perfect fuzed hovers for just tonnage vs unfuzed = 632 Tonnage.

7 (6 fuzed hover = 6x682 = 4092 for 233x6 = 1398 mass) operational tonnage = 2694
7 (6 unfuzed hover 6x650 = 3900 for 280x8 = 1680 mass) operational tonnage = 2220

So here is a differance of 474 tonnage compared to unfuzed group if 6.

Im personaly running 4 icarus 7 for 449 operational fuze tonnage. (682 x 4 with 233x4 mass)
running 2 hovers for -energy and - mass (650x2 with 233x2 mass)
And 2 hovers resistance to dmg (682x2 with 280x2

Its not the best but atleast i got a set of 6 with reduced mass + the less energy drain hovers might not seem to do much but yeah on a light build anything helps + the expense of getting them right aint funny.

Also i had these hovers before the fuze events and more so to redo old epic fuzes issent cheap.

I have not calculated the red hovers yet but they have no shortness of tonnage thats for sure.

but those red ones consume a lot of power (so i wouldnt be surprised if -mass and - energy would be good for those. or the acceleration fuze.

Stil if they consume a lot of power putting more on a build becomes a issue.
Its same for spider builds (i got 2 legs - energy) if i run 8 on my build to compensate the energy drain a bit.

But yeah most of hovers people face in cws are almost full fuzed parts.

Stil the apollo fuze you can use on any build you build = good one to have.

Lucky for me I fused 10 tonnage blue hovers on the old fuse system.

Oh shush!

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