How to get points during Crossout Day?

Maybe I’m missing something here but I saw we had a new reward track for Crossout Day with 27 ranks; however I have no clue how to get points.

I went into that PvP battle several times and even made it to 2nd place but I never seem to get any points. Do you only get points by collection those 7 drones that pop up on the map during the battle? Or is there another way that I’m missing here?

Thanks very much!

By the way, is there something wrong with the forums? It looks so … old and messy. The previous one looked much cleaner and modern but this one feels very antiquated. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


You get points by collecting 7 drones. Each 7 drone challenge advances you 3 levels in the event. Be sure to get at least 1 kill assist in during your drone hunting, as drone captures don’t count if you don’t get any points for the match.
I learned this the hard way.


its only for completing dailys,from what i see .
and as far as this forum goes…welcome to the misfit forum,where no dev can see us.unless u have a shiny red nose…


Thanks for your response, I appreciate it! Does that challenge reset every day? Kinda sparse for getting points if that’s the only way as those drones can be quite tricky to spot. I’m lucky if I manage to find 1 per match. :confused:

I had thought we would also get points by kills/assists and such but those drones are the only way? Guess I’ll try to ignore as many enemies and go hunting for drones then (after taking a few shots to get an assist). :sweat_smile:

we all call out map cords,like E9 and such when we find drones to help everyone find them…
but u will stumble across them just fighting,so u dont really need to look that hard…

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Hi, the challenge does not reset. You stay on the same challenge until you finish it and then start the next one. A new challenge joins the queue every day. So, you can catch 4 drones one day and three the next and still complete your challenge.


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Oh, I see now. I managed to collect the 7 drones and it gave me 2.5 ranks and then started over again. So I can just keep running these missions and collecting the drones over and over? If so, then I guess it’s okay if that’s the only way to get points. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks everybody, I really appreciate the assistance! :+1:

I guess I have a shiny red nose.

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Oh, now it seems as if Gaijin has changed it to an actual daily. Initially I could complete mine twice just before this wierd reset (at 8am UTC+2?) and then it was gone but now I did it once more and it states that the next one is in 24 hours. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

So unless you got the first day as a double whammy and after that it becomes a daily or something.

Ah well, I was able to get halfway to rank 9 now so here’s hoping I can find enough drones to finish it with the remaining days. 18.5 ranks in 11 days at 2.5 ranks a day should be doable I guess if I manage to find 7 drones a day. At least a lot of people are helpful and call out the drone locations (and I do the same). :grinning:

Takes me 4 matches to complete. For some reason I keep finding only two each time.

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I’ll give you a shiny red nose! Hahaha

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Its a random number i believe. Someones i find 1 in one match. Or 2 in the next. Then 3 in the other match its just random i believe.

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I hate the drone search quest. It’s enough to make it not worth the rewards for me. I doubt I’ll play the mode anymore.

Im lost. What do u guys mean by collecting drones? Im not exactly sure what im looking for to collect.

Someone inform me on how dumb im being here…

There are small stationary drones hidden around the landscape. They are sparking like damaged guns, which helps you spot them. Drive on top of one and park for a few seconds and you pick it up. Some players will mark them on the map to help others find them. I’ve been finding most of them around the outskirts of the map, but watch out for the minefields!

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Much appreciated! :+1:

this might help you…


Why does everyone hate it? Its nothing like the challenges during a battle pass hahahaha its like the easiest challenge i ever seen.

Every ten wins you also get one level.

shruggs. Idk. I just have always hated the search missions in crossout.

I did notice we can get toadfish blueprints though (something Devs took note of us wanting from these forums). That alone is enough for me to suffer through it.

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