How to know the Solo vs plattons composition in battles?

As I always play Solo, in my humble opinion, any coordination of 2 or more players in one of the teams generates a significant imbalance in battles.
Without going into how MatchMaking works (or doesn’t) that tries to match teams with similar compositions, I would like to know:
1 Your opinion if I am right that just two well-coordinated players can be decisive against a team of 8 players without any platoon?
2 Since Targem does not take the trouble to put a simple mark to inform this, which is for my very important information. Is there any way to know the Solo-platoon composition of the teams at the start of the battle?
Greetings to all.

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No way of knowing for certain. Just all the little tell a tale signs. Some more obvious then others.

-they all have the same clan tag
-they have the same names but with different letter variations.
-every time you fight them they are together and are always on the same team.
-they have the exact same powerscore

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Yes, I knew those tips.
How incredible that the game does not give that information clearly.
It is just to put an icon side his names.
Thanks for your answer.

Ja I wished it was more obvious than that but the thing is I don’t see what viable solution one solo person could do to avoid these and still be able to play aside changing powerscore or stop playing obv.

The main downside of fast matches with random people that we have for PvP is teaming up effectively is next to impossible most of the time (aside stick with the team strategy or full rush etc), which said people grouping up profit the most out of this.

The other issue is that theyre leaving the randomness factor more to the enemy team since they always have fewer open slots on their team, making it more likely for you to end up agaisnt them than with them.
So you being always agaisnt these same people is a good clue too.

Coordinated is not the game changer. I am usually player with a pal or 2 - but still, you rarely can reliably “support” unless you specifically build for teamplay (which we dont). Typical setup - he has 2 canons, I have 2 granad launchers. We cant stay close because of distance differences, within 3 seconds there will be a melee harassing him and if I turn there will be a scorpion hover targeting my generator. So Maybe in clan 3v3 it matter s- but in 8v8 its jsut mayheim an chaos for the most part. If your whole team stays together or nor is much more important.

I understand you but as you say, you play in a group but do not behave as such. That has happened to me the few times that I have played in a group at the invitation of other randoms.
But many cases happen to me where coordination is noticeable in the opposing team or in yours while the other does not.
I would only like to know the composition of the teams at the beginning of the battle to think about my strategy. If I know that 2 enemies play in a group, it is likely that if I attack one of them, the other will defend it and things like that.
It bothers me a lot that Targem doesn’t show that information and that we have to deduce it in the middle of the battle when most of the time it’s too late.

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make it or break it moment is within first 20 seconds - if your team splits something like 3-3-2 and enemy is 6-2 - you are done

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Do you mean by that something like they have in clan wars?
Such as this:

I would dislike that. I like a certain amount of mystery.


Ja, perhaps not the same way, maybe show weapons only or something.

Do not.
I would just like to know the Solo/Squad balance of each team. A simple mark (star, arrow, etc) next to the name of the players who are in the squad (in the batlle start screen) can do the job.

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Or they could just have them another color like when you’re into one. Like enemy team groups could be purple as example instead of green for your group.