How to PIN a "A" on my car?

Hello survivors,

I would need knowledge to back up my thinking. I hope you could help an old man :slight_smile:

I am advised that I should put a letter “A” on my car and I would need your help as I am just an old man :wink:

The first question I have is how to do this in the game?

The second question, why? I heard something about WTF. I hope this doesn’t mean the bad word f… has to do with it.

And the last question would be, do I have to put this on each of my vehicles?

Thank you very much for your survival tips. See you “out there”.

Stay healthy and happy.

I suspect someone might have been pulling your leg.
I have no idea what “put an A on it” would mean.
Maybe they are talking about a sticker?

Sounds like a snipe hunt to me.

Yep they’re just funnin’ with ya. There does exist a sticker in the shape of a target, but it gets little use for obvious reasons. You can find stickers in the market (they are mixed in with the paints under the paintbrush icon). Most are fairly cheap. Then you just apply them to your car, the same way you would add any other part.

Random trivia: here in France we have to put a A sticker on our cars for three years after getting our licenses, to signal that we’re n00bs.

A for Apprenti


That sounds like it was probably the source of the joke. Makes more sense than anything I can think of.

Hi survivors,

Thank you very much for your welcome. Greetings to all you survivors.

Thank you, that’s nice of you. I thought I was being taken for a ride because I couldn’t find anything.

But someone was able to come up with a question mark… but anyway…yes, yes some kids …let them live it up…they won’t get any stupid ideas here…

Thanks a million and stay healthy.
See you out there.

The old man