How to report players outside of game?

I have some screenshots of players. Saying some pretty nasty stuff, DMing death threats, yknow the usual stuff. I usually manage to report them in game, but i feel this doesnt always get results and would like to know if there is some form of support line or Report-A-Player place where you can submit screenshots of their actions. It’s not petty, i dont report people for saying “oh darnit i died”, its genuinely nasty, hateful venom spewing that i feel the GMs dont get to see because its in DMs and raid/battle chat and my report will be lost in the hundreds from random users who spam report people they dont like/report negative feedback about genchat shenanigans.

I also find it hard to believe some of these players have racked up over 20k games (one in my folder has over 100k battles), assuming with this sort of behavior and not being permamuted for it.

Tell them to touch some fcking grass.

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Dont worry i did lol. You wouldnt believe the reason it started (i asked them, a hover, to please stop ramming teammates and blocking our streams on War for Fire). Apparently that justifies a long string of slurs and threats, and afaik they didnt get muted because theyve been active in genchat every night since.

some players are chicken flavored lollypops and to touched in the head to speak to sadly…

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OMG like I get so offended by people saying stuff online OMG like jeeezzzzz piss off nd stop playing online games u whiney fuck, thought americans (usa) are strong nd badass but u fuckers cry about everything thing, nd ill even add this just to make it clear on how the usa isnt all they can be #1 everytime they start a war they gotta call up canada we need help, #2 everytime theirs an earth quakes ect ect guess what they call up canada we need ur help cleaning up but i always hear americans (usa) say our military is bigger nd stronger then canadas, so why r u guys always bothering the canadian military

They have all the “fun” ways to deal with people. The Geneva convention? Mostly Canada’s fault.

Because your so cute… :kissing_heart:

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This is about Xo not of countries. Now say Sorry (Canadian) players.

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You must just know youre in my folder with a response like that. I bet you spam the fart horn while wedging teammates too.

First off “everything thing” makes no sense. Second off, how do you know LoneWolf is American? And thirdly, that’s only the liberals. The Right is usually more composed (and we have the guns…).

oh ya i use a 25,000 power score wedge lol