How to start Clan Confrontation Battles?

How do we start the Clan Confrontation battles? I am in lobby and wont let me click battle. I am just by my self. Can you play with out clan members online? I Have 3 cars in select car put in.

I am new to this. I dont have a super active clan and trying to figure this out since its best way to get Engineer Badges now.

Maybe is because its not active at moment.

Seems much harder to get Engineer Badges now sadly for less active clans :frowning:
By how the challenges look and its very clan based… Looks kinda annoying just to game casual.

Make a band for 200 scraps and you are good to go.

Well I have clan just not many active players anymore. I see its on a timed base system like clan wars. Its not active till 5 more minutes.

Never mind on Xbox no one is even doing the Confrontation Battles… I waited 10 minutes in queue for it and i really want the 600 engineer badges…

This is a very very dumb update they basically made the game not even fun for solo players or just small groups of friends…
Why couldn’t they left a few normal “ENGINEER BADGE” challenges to earn as a solo player / small groups.

I only play crossout with 1 other person… Eh I have a clan but like everyone does there own thing the 1 or 2 that does get online…

Crossout Xbox needs CROSSPLATFORM.

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Not true, I’m on Xbox.


What power score you running?

Also you running full squad or what? I was just trying to run a game with 2 players.

I play 9k exactly and I play Solo. (But add me, if you see me around I will help out)

The que time is almost instant for solo que. Maybe wait 60seconds at most. But many games are faster.

Also! Big note here. It is faster at US prime time. Euro prime time is a little longer.

I am in US and my friend is Ireland so.
Ill have to build me a 9000 exact build or 8999 which ever the parts add up too.

Well thanks for the info. Ill give it a shot again tomorrow

We mostly get insta-qued, xbox full group, 9k. I’m going to try 5k PS today. PC seems to have decent PS matching, just not sure if we have the population to get properly PS matched on xbox.

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I don’t think many people built 5k builds on Xbox or realize they have a PS based que.

If we could educate people on this then maybe the 5k bracket would open up more on Xbox.

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Could be people just want to use weapons that automatically bump up their ps or elitists who think even 9k ps too low ^

I confirmed Clan Confrontation does try to PS match. So much so that I waited 20 minutes in a 5K PS car and never got a single game in :sweat_smile:

9k is insta-que though.