How to "win" Radiance?

There are several threads regarding Radiance, and one thing is shining through. I think some folks have forgotten how to “win” in Crossout. You “win” by getting the most points in each match. Different match types mean different playstyles. Remember how folks figured out in the last week of the copter event how to “game the system” by building suicide rigs?

The challenge is always to figure out how to maximize points. If anyone has better methods or ideas, I’m all ears.

To that point…

Be the 1st to the checkpoints.
Disable the terminals.
Destroy the turrets.
Destroy ravagers.
Survive the longest.

If you’re a ravager, it’s much simpler, obviously.

There has been a lot of debate about what makes a good build for this mode, and these two are very successful. I say that with confidence because I’m not the best gamer in the world, but managed to have the highest score with almost every match I used these in where I didn’t originally spawn as a ravager.

That’s partially because these builds are optimized for the mode, and other players aren’t doing what it takes to score points.

Neither build has any armor. They have a chameleon which will get you safely across the bridge. That’s the only part you’re really being shot at (there’s another canon further up, but it isn’t hitting squat). The lack of armor maximizes acceleration and handling.

Aggressor (one of the 3 cabs that’ll hit 100kmh), Cheetah (fastest engine), traction fused arrays or hovers (they’re slower, but will be better at the end of the map), two retchers, a fused seal, and tons of ammo. It also only uses the bare minimum of lightweight only frames.

EDIT: I forgot the gasgen… just to highlight how you really have no worries regarding armor. LOL

Minimum weight, maximum speed, maximum damage v ravagers.

No radar needed.
Everything mounted as low as possible to keep the center of gravity low so she won’t flip.

Start the match by killing off the first two waves of ravagers that’ll spawn behind you. After this, they’ll spawn further up the map. Kill those first two waves for points & scoot. You’ll likely outrun the entire pack by the 1st checkpoint if you’re on arrays.

Disable a terminal when you get to them, attack a turret when you get to them, then do your best to stay in front of everyone. The last thing you want is for ravagers to be spawning in front, beside and behind you. You also want to be in front to be the 1st to the checkpoints.

Don’t focus on fighting ravagers until the very end when it’ll be 1 v 11. This is when and why you’ll need ammo and lots of it. You could probably do with less than what I have, but I ran out once, so… yeah… LOL

I tried other weapons, but the retcher’s ability to fire over obstacles really helps in this mode. They’re also very good at disabling bozos who are attacking head on. Plasmas are also very good.

I also don’t use this paint scheme. I painted these up so the components are easier to see. I’m usually using something that blends in better with the map.

It’ll be interesting to see if this is still the best way to go in a couple of weeks or if someone has discovered a “suicide rig” type exploit.


I agree with what you said, but as I’m not the gotta-be the first type of person I still add armor for athletics. You’d know that if you saw the build I made for this mode :rofl:
Compact big foot with cheetah, kings, kapkans, and cloak, I added the cloak to my build cause I knew there be an area it would be needed as I assume it’s be the same rodeo, though adding the pulse cannons on a bridge with chunks missing kinda evil as the driving skills I’ve seen in that mode has gotten me killed 3 times. on said bridge because :poop: heads ram and crowd in all places to do it, the bridge


Just hide at the back, if others win you win, others lose you will die last

I still haven’t seen a human finish the track yet.
I’ve been scoring well sometimes, mostly from being fast and cautious. Let my teammates fight ravagers, and try to stay in front, taking my shots from a safer distance.

I am appreciative of how difficult this event is to complete as a survivor. I see lots of people running builds that easily take down ravagers, but they all fail when they get swarmed enough. I’m starting to think shooting the ravagers too early puts them in spawn points that mess up the survivors too much.

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After the bridge, if you make it to the last bit, a cloak will be helpful to survive. The ONE time I finished as a survivor, I wouldn’t have made it without a cloak… The other survivors were targeted while I escaped unseen.

True, but I was referring more to how to actually win… As in score the most points. If you’re at the back you score very little. It’s akin to being that dude in pvp running drones. Sure, you live the longest, but you’re not winning by any stretch of the imagination.

I’ve seen it 3 times. I was survived once, and think I was the only survivor. Hard to tell.

I think you’re wrong on that.

If people stay back at the beginning to fight the ravagers, they spawn at the beginning twice, then start spawning further up the map.

If almost everyone leaves, they won’t respawn at the beginning, but immediately spawn further along the map.

It doesn’t make a huge difference, really. The biggest difference is how soon the ravagers infect people. If they get them at the beginning, it’s all over quickly.

So, my THEORY is that it’s better for several people to stay back and kill or at least cripple them early.

On truth, it’d be best if they didn’t kill them, but just took off wheels. That way, they’d have to suicide to truly join the fight.

I played a couple of matches this evening, and am already seeing other “naked builds.” The armored up guys die early.

I have, a hover spark dude

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pretty hard to win since almost everybody dont like the mode and just speedruns the bp.


wait, im not supposed to just kill ravagers and ignore all other goals?
eh. guess I will never win.

Playing the actual goals sucks.

Best thing to do is head straight for the goals if you are trying to win. Stay ahead of the ravies.

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There aren’t “waves” of them. Ravagers’ spawn depends on whether any survivor got to any further checkpoints. Example: as soon as someone triggers “disable the terminals” the spawn points will move to around terminals.

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I have suggestion for you to win this
Radiance is a PvP (player versus player) game mode in Crossout where two teams compete to capture and hold a central point while destroying enemy vehicles. To “win” Radiance, you need to work as a team with your fellow players to achieve the following objectives:

Capture the central point: The first objective is to capture the central point by standing in the designated area until the progress bar fills up. You need to work together with your teammates to defend the point from enemy players who are also trying to capture it.

Hold the central point: Once your team has captured the central point, you need to hold it for as long as possible. The longer your team holds the point, the more points you earn.

Destroy enemy vehicles: While you are holding the central point, you also need to destroy enemy vehicles to prevent them from capturing the point or to weaken their team. Coordinate with your teammates to focus fire on the most dangerous enemy vehicles, and use your own vehicle’s strengths to take down enemy vehicles efficiently.

Stay alive: Finally, you need to stay alive as long as possible. If you die, you will need to wait a certain amount of time before respawning, which gives your team a disadvantage. Try to stay behind cover and avoid taking unnecessary risks, and be aware of your surroundings at all times. DinarGuru

In summary, to “win” Radiance in Crossout, you need to capture and hold the central point while destroying enemy vehicles, working as a team with your fellow players and staying alive as long as possible.

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How to win Radiance:

Don’t play it because the rewards are garbage and it’s extremely easy for trolls to drag it out for 10 minutes.


Not only trolls, the first gates glitch so either everyone needs to get infected or let the time run out

Never use cannons there, you also do not need any armor. Also shooting ravager players at start is pointless, but if someone have mines or turrets it’s a good place to drop some. Ravagers are fragile as paper, and there is “eye” part that shocks them when destroyed. Do not cross the bridge everyone at once, do not rush trough grinder bottleneck, and pay attention to ravager spawn points. Hardest part is last gate, because at least half if your team is “zombified” at that point. Hovercrafts armed with MG, GL or plasma have good chance to win. For wheeled chassis it’s MUCH harder.
But… You don’t have to win all the way, all you need to do is complete objectives, and it’s a good source of scrap metal, if you need it. But if you try, it makes a nice, sometimes heroic, sometimes tragic story. Enjoy it. Let it be immersive. Relax.


Unfortunately, the information provided by browsers to chatGPT is limited

Thank you for stating a common sense thing, but sadly it’s not so common, also for you turret players, don’t block the gateways or narrow passages with your turrets, teammates can’t destroy them but the ravs can

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I’ve made a guide for all people who have problems getting a win for “team blue”. And I didn’t use a hover, because with them I think it’s a bit easier. I finished many times already with success and I chose a run where my strategy is clear to see.

That is a good point and I gave some instructions where you have to place the turrets that they are SUPPORTING your team :slight_smile:

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Get into a match with enough meta builds softlocking the ravagers from ever infecting anyone, all you need is 1 hover with machine guns and 1 with sparks always camping out the ravager spawns and it’s game over


How many matches have you seen survivors win using this strategy? I have yet to see it even once.

had me laughing . it sucks agreed. however, i did finish it several times as a survivor and gotten over 70 scrap. so there can be a decent reward. (mostly i get like 17 -30 ish)