How would you change existing parts?

For me, the Varun, I’d give it the plasma emitter treatment and just have it fire at a steady pace while holding down the button. Also turn down the energy to 6 rather than 7, even if it costs damage and hp.

Perk and playing around with the drawing of the bow goes out of the window, and new perk is “every shot landing on the enemy gives X boost stacks up to X times resets when you miss”

Maybe then this thing could see some use as the slow firing pace rapid fire crossbow they wanted it to be.

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Werewolf cabin

Either remove the time limit on the drone, or give it a drone completely of it’s own rather than just a fuze. The explosion should be way more effective, as it is currently it does not offer anything over any weapon specific cab or playstyle boosting cab for a build.

1 extra fuze with a time limit when you die is not a perk enough

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Change to ammo cannon. It really feels like a slow loading autocannon to me. Maybe a corvo style loading system? (its an ok weapon, it just feels like it needs something… idk, more.

Yokai, it needs a way bigger explosion radius, even if it would come at the cost of fire rate/reload speed. Outside battling hovers and spiders this gun can’t do much, especially after the removal of impact damage because you need to be shooting so close to builds that you end up hitting their movement parts, or completely miss on doing any damage even though you could swear your aim was directly on their wheel.

It needs way too much accuracy in its current state of explosion, even with a harpy, even beyond that of sniping weapons in general