How would you go about balancing the game instead of energy change

So the next big thing balance wise is gonna be the energy rework, most likely, yet another very huge change that ultimately does absolutely nothing by most accounts. If you had any saying in it, what would you do instead of this energy reword as the balance changes?

I’d lower the overall performance of shotguns, machine guns, miniguns and rapid fire machine guns, boost or even tweak the damage of explosions so explosive weapons feel like they actually do damage, no matter if this means just giving rockets back their damage upon impact damage or looking at explosions as a whole and making them feel like explosions rather than two seals worth of thresher grenades doing absolutely nothing to most builds, and tone down the rate of dealing damage with flamethrowers.

I feel like something like that would already be ways better than extra fancy steps for “Have to use a blue radiator instead of a purple one, that when fused works about the same either way”

I was actually looking forward to the energy rework.


“Yet another very huge change that ultimately does absolutely nothing by most accounts”

Huge change but does nothing? That doesn’t compute.

I think energy changes were way overdue and give the devs a much better opportunity to balance the game. Any voice of dissent cant be anything more than complaining just to complain.


Why do people always want to nuke the weapons i have?

I’m not. I use the Quantum cab for about 6 builds, and they want to cut Quantum’s energy, which my builds cannot afford to lose. I’m wondering how yet another rebalancing act will improve Player Retention…or is it just a make-work scheme to justify salaries?

because all those things do high af dps while being most hitscan and spam weapons that take less thought process than many others that for some reason do less damage and impact.

I use it for 1 build but I don’t mind adjusting to it. I try not to use to same cab for too many builds at one time. Lessons learned from previous changes.

As for as retention with the players there’s always someone that will lose it over a change even if it ends up being an improvement for a lot of other things.

My only balance issue has ever really been with the matchmaker burying me under the power-scores too deep. Keep that tight, and I don’t care what people use. Bring it.

I think this energy feature update is designed to balance things we haven’t seen in the game yet. It is a preparation for manipulating future weapon and module balance issues they plan on introducing later, and this is why it currently appears to be for nothing.

As it is, I would suggest making melee much heavier and more awkward to manage. Maybe it needs to be cooler dependent like some of the guns are, and have a overheating issue too. IDK.

If I had my way, I’d just roll it back to immediately prior to the Supercharged 2.0 update. I can’t say I don’t enjoy my air-ships though. Was it worth it? IDK.

I expect them to ninja nerf wheel durability to enhance the appeal of their latest hideous Ravager wheel soon (already?), though. That will fuck up the game considerably, but I bet they do it anyway. I think they are already screwing with stuff, as my game has become intermittently laggy and has crashed. This is common right before major updates, to have rolling lag-outs, repetitive maps (Volcano again?), and periodic crashing, due to them making some kind of background preparations for their updates.

make EVERYTHING have ONE energy and just let the people fight it out from there! :crazy_face:

… in all seriousness though idk what id do to balance things. alot of weapons in the game are practically unplayable and never see play outside of raids, i think those weapons deserve some love and attention because… well… it would be nice to have variety in the game rather then seeing mgs, smgs, miniguns, shotguns and a few relics.

i also want to add they are going to make the thor and apollo generators different from one another, giving the thor 1 less energy which i dont think is fair. the whole reason it was made was to be a lighter version of the apollo and give us another option if we wanted to have a lighter generator for more speed at the cost of hp or a heavy generator at the cost of space but have more durability.

I lived through the Typhoon meta using a perkless relic machine gun that did 12 damage within 100m, and 4 damage at max range. Teams would sit and wait, religiously, in their spawn for their free Ws. At max range, with only 2 guns due to the absolute NEED for two aegis, i had to land 118 (236 total) hits on a single Typhoon. Meanwhile a single volley from them could take out a gun, a wheel, 30% of my armor. So id work and work trying to strip 8 Typhhons, knowing i have to land nearly 1000 shots, while they only had to take turns cloaking and land ONE, and i mean ONE shot.

Or how about using a dual aegis bigfoot build vs scorps. I pop the shield, make my move and PLINK! Shield up, 400 damage to my gun THROUGH the shield and my gun is gone. Not good enough to land that shot? Pop my shield, go in, PLINK! A full durability Bigfoot gone in one shot, through the shield. Now im either half stripped or half mobility killed and thats using my shield preemptively.

Fuck those days, may they never fucking return.

Nerf wheel dura (within reason, no one volley ripping off every single wheel/s like nothing), nerf MGs damage by 10%, buff cannons 10% across the board, nerf flamethrowers by 10%, nerf breakers by 10%, nerf hammerfalls by 20% OR increase their hitbox, fix vehicles losing power in absurd instances and lets see what we get. Have monthly balance patches and dont be afraid to go too far to get the changes they want. With monthly balance patches, you can always roll back changes.


I think the energy change is going to make balancing a lot better. But looks like the initial change won’t make a big difference, as they seem to want to introduce it in a way that doesn’t break too many builds.
I’m a bit impatient the bigger changes coming later, but the Crossout playerbase does not like change, so going slow is probably smart.

I would do nothing but

  • revert the changes to armour piercing instead of 3 meters, i would put at 2 meters
  • Nerf the BFs to their previous values before the last buff
  • I would buff 4 times the Spitfire SG, to revert the 4 nerfs they got a few years ago.

Balancing is impossible, best way to do it, it’s doing absolutely nothing, each time they mess around, they only change META, nothing more. And the same would happen if you or me had that power.
The only thing we would accomplish would be change of Meta.
Some last for longer, others no so much ( i’m thinking in the lightning fast tilt hovers).
Pick your poison and drink it…with time you will become immune.

Wait…I rebuilt all my vehicles that used Apollo when the Thor came out…so now I have to re-rebuild all my vehicles that use Thor? If anyone wonders why I get pissed off with these so-called “improvement” and “rebalancing” schemes, well here ya go.


their defense is that since the thor is lighter then it should have a point less then the apollo. but thats stupid because they made the thor generator as an alternative to the apollo. you can have a lighter generator for less durability, lighter weight and a bigger explosion radius or you can use the apollo in exchange for a smaller explosion radius, heavier weight and more durability.
why make it in the first place then?

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I didn’t know that.

For a lighter gen with 3 points of energy that goes bum, we already have the gasgen, and the bootstrap for a tankier 3 energy generator.
But hey, i’m not worried, these days i’m using the blue generator from lunatics faction, if that get cut, the solution is simple, i drop a weapon, i drop in PS, i gain a few pounds more.
Problem solved, balance achieved, the remaining energy points available if any will be enough to get my ass handed to me in every battle.

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increase part limit from 80 to 160 nd change energy from 17 max to 26 for more crazy builds to be made to battle in reg matches

Lol, gets asked what would you do to balance, replies add 50% more energy.

Yup, im sure you have a plan to balance all the quadruple Breaker builds and six Punisher builds that would come yea? Dumb af