This guy in bedlam had a spinner build, and it spun super fast. I took my heli and rammed it for fun… until this happened:


Sorry for the bad angle, but those boosters aren’t mine. They are his. His build glitched into my heli. I’ve never seen this happen before, but I thought it was interesting. Can someone explain how this is even possible?? We were stuck together for a good 5 min before his frame parts broke lol.

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I could explain it, but for you to understand what I’d say, you’d need a working understanding of interdimensionality between two seperate universes intersecting at a particular location and time. It’s complicated…

Sounds like someone’s been studying science fiction!! :laughing:

It’s not science fiction, it happens more often than you’d believe. :grimacing:

[] Here’s a documented flim clip of it happening…

Do you know about the Tunguska “blast” of 1908? There was an interdimentional anomaly that occurred over Siberia. This time, the anomaly materialized and leveled a large area of mostly uninhabited forest. Scientists still can’t explain it, so they attribute it to an asteroid impact…but there was no crater! They ain’t fooling me! :unamused:


Are you serious? Didn’t the scientists explain it? And that scientists explained it a long time ago with the help of computer models that explained it perfectly. The aerial explosion of an asteroid fits perfectly and explains why no crater or remnants of that rubble were found in Tunguska. When an asteroid enters the atmosphere and heats up and is composed of ice and rock, it usually explodes with the force of an atomic bomb stronger than the Hiroshima bomb. And the earth is flat, right? :rofl: :rofl: :ok_hand: :vulcan_salute:

In a simpler word.

[quote=“aladin911CZ, post:6, topic:22804”]
Are you serious? Didn’t the scientists explain it? … When an asteroid enters the atmosphere and heats up and is composed of ice and rock, it usually explodes with the force of an atomic bomb stronger than the Hiroshima bomb.[/quote]

Show me the ice. :unamused:

same as this i would think.

Show me the water?

When they describe asteroids as being made up partly of “ice” I doubt they mean H2O. They are more likely referring to gasses that otherwise would not typically be frozen inside our sun-warmed atmosphere.

I could easily imagine how this could contribute to their explosive nature, as these gasses may be prone to rapid decompression once the insulating outer surface of the asteroid is either burnt off or crushed on impact. I doesn’t surprise me that most asteroids do not make it past our upper atmosphere, if this is the case.

Collecting those near instantly released gasses after an impact seems improbable to me, and I would think that “space-water” would be a very game changing premise that as far as I know has yet to be presented, so I presume the “ice” composition of asteroids they describe is not water. I’ve heard rumors, but…

*Not a real doctor.

Good lord, I was just messing with Fuzz and being facetious! :rofl: :joy: :sweat_smile:

‘i love this game’ best ever/and Berserker…

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Actually the topic sent me down an interesting worm-hole about water and space, and the supposed saturation of water throughout the universe. It’s as disparaging as it is encouraging. The reading material if frustrating, as they constantly slip into the hypothetical, and rarely offer any concrete evidence of anything.

I struggle to get the internet to actually “show me the water,” and it looks like maybe, maybe, maybe and more maybe, like usual.

Maybe A.I. will soon be able to help us get a better grip on the supposed Ice on Mars and the moon, etc.

Until then, meh?

Anyway, it was more interesting than this game, so thanks.

Gamers are sort of assholes.

More like, science friction.