Howlin_Wolf Passed on or?

I have been informed that a well known player Howlin_Wolf had passed away. Despite his often ramblings and the need for a spell check Howlin_Wolf was a fixture of Crossout. many times I ignored his ramblings but again he was a long time client back as far as closed beta. The dude had a lot of knowledge of the game and helped many new players. Crossout was Howlin’s life. If he has passed away as I was told, I feel a tribute to his contribution to Crossout should be acknowledged. R.I.P our old friend.


He left to play Age of Water and never came back, might still be playing it even. He didn’t leave for health reasons or anything like that though, as far as I know.


There was a build at one of the top positions in the exhibition saying “RIP Howlin Wolf” some months ago.
I remember the guy from back when we were playing together in the Vking corp in Star Conflict. Cool guy, always enjoyed seeing a new build by him pop up at the exhibition. Always was a regular at the General Chat too. Don’t know what happened to him, but If he has passed away then may he ride eternal, shiny and chrome.


Messages disappear here, fast af. Like literally sub-60s. Lets just lie and say Howlin’ will be missed for his exemplar behaviour lmao, don’t wanna piss off the wrong mods.

Also, anyone knows if Crimson is still alive? (I know, you’re not supposed to say her name in fear of summoning her back here). They used to play their dirty tricks together, and Crimson disappeared too.

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Well, considering I haven’t been accused of some ridiculous nonsense in quite some time, I think that one is gone for good.

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I’ve never seen anyone get so irrationally angry about things they got wrong lol. Her babbling about Fortunes dealing fire damage and working with Blight ended up in her trashtalking me and following me everywhere like a creep for weeks.

I refuse to believe she was actually a 50yo-something grown-up adult lol. 100% acting like a 22yo incel.

Well age of water is closed beta. If he is over there I won’t know until open beta or he pops back in here. whether or not nothing on this subject is 100% factual :face_with_diagonal_mouth: This thread can be deleted if deemed so necessary. Thanks to everyone whom commented.

I fully believe she actually was a late 40’s - early 50’s female, acted like one for sure.
I remember her stalking my exhibition, seeing a total of two CW builds with Mastodon’ts on wheels and claiming I only play meta trash. (While having half her builds on exhibition being porcuckpine hovers, lol.)
Then looking at my patches and claiming I’m a noob that plays a lot of Yaoguais… because I have exactly ZERO patches for epic drones.
Stuff like that. I kinda miss that drama, can’t get that on Leddit :smiley:

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Didn’t they reply to a post a few days ago as WolfyVonHowlin?

I did a in game search for Howlin His old profile is no longer in the Crossout listings. Yeah, quietly I forgotten about cough cough eh, Crimson… Just don’t repeat that name 3 times in a row as on Beetlejuice .

I remember seeing that he changed his name and inserted some freaky characters into it, that’s why you probably can’t find him in the search function.

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Yeah that’s the new fad, Using Chinese script. It looked like a smiley face

Aww i do kind of miss him saying Slut Dragon from Rick And Morty when were in a match XD

seen in game about a week ago.

not the same person

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My impression too.

Exactly !

I sent him to the sea in impulsiveness last time I saw him.