* Hud Edit Mode 😉

i asked about this in the old forum…seems we could use it.
we could turn on or off things and move them around were we like to.


That would be amazing.


The crazy thing about this is - games like 15-20 years ago did this.


This is an image I found on the internet (I don’t have the game installed any more) but I used to play Shadowbane and it had it.

This game launched on March 25, 2003. (20 years ago) and I’m sure games before this had it.

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I’ve even had games on my phone that could do that.

In fact, I have a dual screen phone from LG. You can use one screen as just the display & the other as a controller. You can edit the controller to be laid out however you like - not unlike that hud editing.

De-evolution, I tell ya.

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This is Only UseFull on Mobile Version… PC Don’t Need This :hugs:

ok,i’m curious…why pc don’t need this?..and it better be good ‘got my Flag button ready’ :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Because There’s Only MiniMap To Look on It ?:expressionless::man_shrugging:It’s Not a MOBA or Mortal Combat :rofl:

HUD overlays have been around since before WoW existed.

Someone else was asking for this on the mini map :slight_smile:

Even a top/bottom and right/left option would be good for the map.