Huginn luparas

A new way to troll.

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Okay, I want footage. :rofl: :grin: :grin: :grin:

I may have to try this…

The exhibition is full with these kinds of builds, just search for lupara.

I don’t think shotgun + hugin can count as “new” no matter how low of a ps you go with it, it’s literally the first thing/only thing people started to make with the Hugin

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Sure its not new i guess, but it has become very popular lately.
It kills everyone with only white luparas that are very hard to degun, thats why i call it a troll build.
And with the recent buff to shotgun range, its become a beast.
Everyone just keep running away from these builds, those who dont get their wheels and frames shot off, get wedged and die real fast.

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I have a daily build that sits a hair under 6k.
I can put 4 Maces on it at that PS.


I may have to trya huugin build for similar levels of entertainment.