Huginn nerf

As new patch comes and we are talking some nerf, lets hype as much as we can Huginn nerf, if you agree with this.
It’s a disgusting meta at 4-6k PS. 3000+ HP builds with shotguns or goblins under cab. They wipe out 85%+ of builds with barely a scratch. When they come in packs it’s even worse. They torment lower PS confrontation league too.
And it takes no skill at all playing those, much easier and worse than heavy melee meta.
Is this what devs want newbies to see? Ugly fat heaps of parts obliterating everything?
It’s perk makes shotguns too OP.
I suggest make it work like Cockpit, giving more output with higher rarity weapons and less effective with lower rarity.

oh ive seen this and im disgusted. i hate coming across these builds and i see these more commonly now. i agree it needs a nerf but only to shotguns. shotguns are far to broken and im tired of seeing under mounted shotguns that kill a build in 0.5 seconds.

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Poor sad dragon. Nobody likes her.

Not sure I’m feeling the shame. I run Lances too, but I’m a lone random in PVP, so I gotta do what I gotta do to survive.

I do know what you guys mean, though. It is rough, but I’ve been complaining about the low end Melee META for over a year…so, it is what it is.

Rotate your builds. That’s all I can say.

I haven’t actually taken this haunted doll out for weeks. When I first built it, she was META as hell…now? Not so much.

I’m not sure what else the Huggin is good for, or Goblins, frankly. If they did nerf any of this, then what would we do with this stuff? Go back to Hover/Cannon META?

Personally, I think wheels need a buff. They need way better acceleration, and pushing this dynamic is the only way I can compete against this META at 5-6K (speed). So, I think if they buffed this dynamic, (like better power for blue wheels and maybe buff that Hardcore a little) this would help down at 5-6K and lower…maybe.


While that playstyle is strong at that PS I fail to see why the huginn is taking the punishment here. You can slap that same build with an ermak, humpback, or bastion and have similar results.


I think one might get even better results with the Bastion, but the Huggin has a chill perk that buffs them Gremlins pretty good, so that’s why it’s getting singled out. It does work pretty good, so it’s probably fortunate that the cab isn’t very fast.

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Shotguns were meta long ago. Wedges if you remember them. They nerfed them with reduced damage and radiator efficiency for shotguns. Shotguns have long cooldown to balance it’s dps.
Huginn makes that cooldown epicly low, especially piared with few radiators.

Because grinders had absurdly low PS. So devs risen their PS and yours build respectively.
Meta moved to using 6xAPC wheels now.

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Goblins have always been an issue it’s hard to say what will make it right.

They don’t have nearly as much range as they used to. Goblin/gremlin builds are fun, but they’re not as invincible as people say.

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They just work too well with Huginns. On lower PS many switched to using other shotguns.

Are we sure it’s not just an undermount goblin issue tough. It wouldn’t be the first issue those came into an issue like this. I don’t see people complaining yet about huginn and gremlins yet.

I’m just asking to double check. I don’t use either, but have been killed by them.

I mostly mean

We only have dozen people on this forum, of them not many play and know what happens there. And they are less trouble for omni and hovers as they can easier back off while shooting. So it’s a problem for wide variety of wheels builds, although they kill hovers and omni too at chance.

Are not related to this at all I think. They lift build PSwise high enough to meet more powerful builds. It’s lower PS issue.

They normally beat out my upgraded maces so I don’t think it’s a cab only issue. Both are special rarity.

Many wheeled builds will be a lot faster than Huginn builds though.
Speed was always the way to beat those builds.
Even if you nerf Huginn, there are other cabs you can use that are also quite effective on similar builds.

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I normally try to out maneuver them too and get behind’em but they are tough. Underslung goblins are hard to deal with tough as you can’t degun them to start. If you add lots of HP on top of that it’s just asking for issues.

This is the way. Speed kills.

Having said that, I play a lot of PVP (use an Auger, Goblin/Huggin too) and the team work involving randoms loners simply sucks. I hate to just say “get gud,” but jesus…it’s bad. Another thing is, way too many people think going in reverse is going to be some kind of defense against these builds in question, and Melee bricks. It’s totally not.

This is the way, and it’s why speed and agility is important as a counter to these builds…for wheeled builds. That reverse schit might fly on hovers, but it does not work for wheels…it used to work for tracks.

Maybe it’s tracks that need more love to solve this problem. I’ve suggested before that perhaps tracks (not small tracks) need a drastic reduction of power-score, so they can find some new usefulness under 6K. That might help make the Melee brick and the Gremlin brick less dangerous down there. We all know tracks need some love and purpose. They seem pretty obsolete to me.

I don’t know if tracks would be an effective counter…

My shotgunner is on shivs and I can normally slide around enough to get in position but the grinders that a lot of these builds are on are problematic with my normal practice of using the cerb to snoot in and push while shooting. They can just counter maneuver beyond what I can do.

I think the 2 energy shotgun needs a small nerf, and then this cabin needs to be altered: at least not the more weapons the faster the cooldown

It stops stacking at 3 weapons but if you can keep that cycling with additional weapons it gets a bit over baked. I think it’s only the low energy weaps that can really abuse it in that way.

I said already. It’s perk is too OP. Compare it to say Favorite cab and you’ll see(maybe).

Goblins are not the problem, just shoot at’em

Those tiny buried Luparas/Sledges, tho…