Humming bird props?

Are they as maneuverable as they should be in the game?

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I don’t really enjoy them as they are right now. I think I’d like them more if they could maneuver different than the other props.

I think alot has to do with how they’re mounted. One player I know mounts two on each side of his build, one directly above the other, and his vehicle is pretty nimble. I mount mine one at each corner, and the build is more stable, but turns slower than his. In general, I find that the more rotors you use, irrespective of type, the less nimble the build is.

I kind of spotted that too but at the same time they were they higher epic. There are a lot of odd flying tricks that can be done and for this one prop it’s hard to even move them around. Over stability can be an issue too. I just don’t find them as any fun.