Hurricane worst weapon in the game?

I swear Hurricanes are a plague to this game, but not in the sense that they’re too strong to deal with. In the sense that having Hurricanes in your team makes your chances to win drop significantly.

Can we buff them? The pain of fighting against them is nothing compared to the pain of fighting with a completely useless Hurricane boat that does nothing while his mates are alive, then runs around 1v6 for 2 mins because he can’t fight whatsoever.

It’s not a matter of damage, damage looks decent when the weapon works. But the weapon works so rarely and it’s so garbage at fighting, Hurricane players CHOSE to do nothing rather than expose their crappy useless flimsy weapon. Maybe that weapon could get a dura buff, so it doesn’t disintegrate as soon as someone looks at it? Maybe it could get a perk that makes hurricane players more likely to actually do something besides hugging the edge of the map? I don’t know. All I know is, seeing a hurricane in my team is probably the thing that triggers me the most in XO lmao. I’d rather get rammed from behind by bots every game, or play against those oh-so-very-fun skinner king builds.


Why is this so accurate? The Hurricanes that I find most annoying are the ones on my team.

Maybe they could re-aquire their target if the cloak is broken. Hurricane missiles have so many counters.

That will be funny if the hurricane is the next meta in CB.

Leave the stupid annoying weapon as is Imo…

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it’s the player Not the weapon…
i seen porc players not porcin.
i seen Hovers not hovering lol…being that they stay in melee instead of keeping their distance from the enemy…
i run 2 hurricanes facing backwards,so i can still hit targets a few meters in front of me as well as shooting across the map,and shoot while being chased.
i know since they changed the Ps they kinda suk in 9k,they really are meant for 7-8k like they use to be.
thats y i dont use them much anymore,maybe just to annoy ppl with the beeping lol
or when i get sick of teams with all turrets n stuff,or ppl rushing in and Bots wreking them,instead of just wait for the bots to kill the bots thing.
but its the player not the weps–

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i agree with you , its not hard to hit a target with homing missile.But maybe they need to buff the reload on the hurricane.

Suggestion that mixes CamoWraith’s and FerrariFrank’s inputs (because I’d agree that reloading, and the amount of counters are a problem)

New perk “every rocket that misses reduces the reloading time by 0.5s”
Opponent cloaks, your salvo gets sparked or Argused, you get 2s shaven off your reloading cycle, making you less of a dead weight for half a minute if you screw up a volley.

TBH I’d like to see that crap weapon get +10% durability first, it’s so huge and made of paper, no surprise most Hurricane players hug the edge of the map so hard. Homing rockets should be for people who struggle… Don’t make them hard to play because of how flimsy they are. Crap should be tough, medium damage, good chances to hit. Not flimsy, high damage, only hits against people who don’t know what they’re doing or brought the wrong movement parts.


The worst weapon has always been the Mandrake, and will always be the Mandrake.
Now stop trolling like you know the game, the master troll has already spoken.

A relic homing missile that be funny.,