HUSK Collection

A collection of my HUSK vehicles, ravager infected machines made from WW2/Cold War weapons smashed onto modern chassis

One: Husk

and its original

Two: Shell

and its wreck

This topic will be updated regularly, and feel free to comment any vehicles you’d like to see me make!

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I just crafted one of those fused Humpbacks from the holiday event workbench (sometimes I do what the game tells me to do, whether I like it or not), and I sort of had the same thing in mind (I like the theme too), so I might join you…after all, we Ravagers are one. We are all. Assimilate. Advance. Aggress.

I will post my riff off this theme on the regular builds page, though…cool builds.


This unholy abomination of parts resulted from a ravager-infected pickup truck driving into a battlefield turned scrapyard. The machine spent days here, motoring around, picking up parts, and emerged a Frankenstein of machinery.

Made of planes, half-tracks, vans, an old sportscar, and the truck that started it all, this unsightly vehicle is surprisingly fast and maneuverable, and it’s hitting power is not to be underestimated.

(There’s also a car pun in the name)

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I recently made a humpback too, but just because I wanted to use that cool
CK we got a while ago.
Haven’t made anything particularly successful with it yet, but it’s been fun driving some giant trucks.


I’ve got two. One for the Ravagers, and the other is from the Syndicate, I think. I use the latter one for my Train.

I couldn’t come up with a cool Ravager build though, so that idea is still on the drawing board.

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You should do a weird asymmetrical spider build for the ravager one.

I’m pretty sure the CK I had was for fire starters. I think it was called Frankenstein?

Ya, that’s the one. I thought it was Syndicate. IDK. It’s cool though…oh,wait…it was the Gladiators, I think. It’s got the tell-tale red stripe the Gladiators wore.

I did just buy Some ML-200s incidentally, and I was actually thinking along the lines you suggested, with the asymetrical spider thing…especially since I could only manage to buy three of them at the price I offered before the market shenanigans started.

I think I put up another offer and am letting it soak there for a while, because I want a tanky cannon build to tinker on over the next year, like as a hobby-craft, so I want four for that.

I tried some cannon builds last night, but got pretty discouraged with it. I figured it would be rough, so that’s why I’ve made it more of a side project (New Year’s goal) that I hope to be trolling nerds with by next Christmas. No hurry, though.

Fixed angle cannons on heavy legs are kind of fun. No recoil!
But definitely get more legs

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New addition: Hull

A “newer” piece of equipment picked up by the ravagers. Its origins are entirely unknown, and some have speculated that it came from overseas, or some classified bunker warehouse. One thing is for certain, however: this machine is deadly at long range, and always seems to disappear when approached, only to reappear again, many kilometers away. It’s top speed and overall maneuverability have yet to be documented, and none have seen it up close.

A suspected spotting of hull, but cannot be confirmed.