Hyperborea Parts: Sizzlers and Fizzlers


+Huginn Cabin: I didn’t expect much out of this cab as I don’t use heavy cabs much. This cabin looks to be the next great Breaker/Hammerfall bully build heavy cabin and be a good Ermak alternative. Get yourself one of these, some shotguns and an Onamori and go break down some walls.

++ Best Bet: Sleipnir Track: The track puts the cabin a block higher than other tracks, which allows better line of sight, gives massive build options for undermounting, and for Porcupine users, gives a good position to loft Porcs into hovers rather than underneath them. In addition, the Sleipnir is an excellent 80KPH and can reach 90 with a Golden Eagle and appropriate cabin. The calling card of tracks is they rotate in place extremely fast and drive backwards extremely fast. Sleipnir does all of this, and it has an excellent perk of huge fire resistance. I have had so many matches of my entire build being shot to almost nothing, and having a full set of Sleipnirs left.

Get six of these. Or more if you are a collector. They will be worth a fortune soon.

+Nothung Machine Gun: I just got a set of these. They are extremely powerful, the spread doesn’t bloom much when you hold down for full auto and the gun only needs to be one block higher than the top of the cabin to have a full range of movement. Forget what the Devs said about pairing it with the Huginn. This gun screams for the Nova cabin. Two fused Shivers on Nova is the same cooling as a fused Shiver and a Huginn, and then you get a shield and a faster more powerful cabin. I’m not sure what makes these guns better than an Arbiter build, and they are quite flimsy, so they do have a significant downside. My build of Nova Cabin, 3 Nothungs, 2 Shivers and my specially fused +turn speed +blast radius Trombone is death on a stick. This gun, like many weapons in Clan wars is Scorpion food, but it is a powerful and serviceable machine gun with a low build profile. A new player should get a fused set of these through the battlepass to have an excellent build for free. Play them on Huginn until you get a Nova setup.
For me, I enjoy them, but I don’t think they are as good as my Destructors or Cyclones. They also have less effective hp than Arbiters.

Arbiters are 2 blocks wide 2 blocks long and 2 blocks high and there are 4 of them at 220 HP. In addition, they do about 4000 something on the damage sphere. Nothungs are 220 HP, and 3 Blocks wide, 4 blocks long and 2 blocks high. They do about 3000 something on the damage sphere. The choice seems pretty clear as to which is the better machine gun. That’s not a knock. A lot of guns aren’t as good as Arbiters. But, Nothungs have excellent burst damage with the perk and are perfect for popping off weapons before an enemy can fight back.


–Munin Drone cabin: What does this cabin do? It seems to be best for Grenadier and Fuze drones. I didn’t even know poeple still had those. my Flash eats stuff like this.

-Gungir Machine Gun: This gun is noticeably weaker than its competitors. To make up for it, it has low durability. My fused Therms eat stuff like this.

–Thor Generator: Lets make a contest to see how many blocks of armor an Avalanche can punch through in the new update, then put this generator at the end. This generator is destined to be worse than the Gas Gen, because it will be found at power scores where big guns are shot. They are ending spaced armor before this generator even arrives. It will be borne into the new Typhoon renaissance. Prediction: DOA.


Good cabin.

havn’t played much with these. I did still have my guardian blueprints so 6 (4 +2 from bp) it will be.

Hints: Fire this like a corvo, the big damage is at the start. Don’t hold them down. You can over heat them much faster than holding them down.
IF you do hold them down, use the co-driver with -15% spread on movement. They will have much smaller bloom when moving than sitting still without the co driver.
Again. Fire like Corvo’s. Remember your big shots are pre loaded after cd.

This gun is OP in it’s current state.

have not played it.

Another OP weapon in its current state. Use shivers, not rads. hold till mid bloom and tap tap tap.

What is there to say, a 2nd, lighter 4 energy generator. Good stuff.


Huginn Cabin, 1x Aurora, 1x upgraded sealed rad, 2x upgraded millers pumps out around 4.3k on the dmg meter. It’s an interesting cab really.

Haven’t messed with the tracks yet as I only have a pair at the moment. Same for the guns just haven’t bothered with them yet. Drone cab seems buggy I hope they fix it only tried a few on the exhibition.

Thor I still want it even if people are saying its DOA, I’ll find a use for it. Pretty much all the generators and explosives modules will be interesting with the new cannon dynamics.


i think the thor has potential , its only one node thick which would allow it to be hidden behind frames perfectly


I will check it out. Nothung is a hit. Its reasonably accurate and hits like a truck. I think the small hp will save it from the nerf hammer as well.

That sounds nasty! Congrats on the excellent build.

Sure. I’m just saying, that I may put this thing on a long stick at the back of my build until a level of trust develops with it.


I’m still deciding on movement part config have it on omni’s at the moment but it’s looking promising. This is with Jays perk going shooting on the meter…
2023-03-03 (2)

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At least we know why it’s named after Thor cause if its hit you’ll be gone in a flash :rofl:


you are wrong.

I use a gasgen, don’t have any problem with it, i don’t use spaced armour.
By the time my gasgen is reached, there’s nothing more to do, it is most of the times, the last thing to blow up.
Thor will be much better, 4 energy with feather weight. (compared with the obsolete Apollo)
I build to outlive, outtrade cannons.
For lighter builds, it will be good too.

Personally, i’m more interested in the plows and other 4 pieces of armour i will add to my builds in addition with all the other plows and steppenwplf and Scavengers parts i’m already using.

Huginn cab, let’s see, but i doubt very much, perhaps, if i can make a functional medium build (i know it’s heavy) but the stats (tonnage and mass limit) are kinda of low for a heavy.

Another interesting build I’ve seen with the Hugging cabin is a basic triple miller build
It seems to work surprisingly well and deal out steady damage

While it was still up in the exhibition, there was a Munnie build that used 5 of the cyan flying drones with the machineguns, and once you launched them and activated the perk they dealt very good damage, it might work if you manage to catch an enemy off guard or go attack someone already focusing on another player. Equal success with 5 turret machineguns, so I think that it’s the best on dps drones rather than single hit drones or slow rate of fire drones, like grenadier or fuze. Annihilator pairs up very poorly with it imo

But this is all testing done in the test track rather than real combat because I have no money

I think the filler gun reward of this pass definitely goes to the gungnir, and nothung is the main reason to get the battle pass, even if you can realistically only get 3 of them fused with the lighters, unless you want to buy battle pass levels for the 650 lighters needed for the 4th one

Tracks seem ok, they handle pretty good and drive fast

Still sucks that you can’t get everything fused unless you pump lots of real life money into level crosscrowns and with them into level packs once they start selling them, if you want 6 fused tracks, you can’t have 3 nothungs without paying up more money, and so on

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Yep. You have to choose. I think it costs about $150 in crosscrowns to get both the Nothungs and the tracks fused. That is assuming you want 6 fused tracks.

  • Huginn
    Just used it for fun build. 6x Goblin, Sleipnir. Goblins 2 heat, 2 cooling, 2 other upgrade and seal. Constant fire :smiley:
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5 Gremlins (soon will be 6) 3 shivers and an unrelated cab (ECHO)
it’s the same (with a bit of stuttering between the bursts)
There are people and myself included that don’t notice that small stutter between the bursts.

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