Hyperborea season 2: New Cab teaser video

From their youtube channel:


Anyone want to guess what the cabin perk is?
I’m hoping it’s some kind of reload buff.

No, it seemed to me that the cab had ACs, perhaps overheating? spread?

Also seemed that will be like the ghost cab, few mounting points, a bit exposed, perhaps not so easy to build around, unless it’s on purpose, perhaps a lighter version of the Ermak?
Watching for the second time, i noticed a blue light from behind, could it be a new take on the Nova Cab?

I don’t recognize those guns, are they possibly new too? Looks almost more like a heavy MG.

its a christmas tree decoration! :crazy_face:

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AC64 Joule
I think the new engine is on the build too.

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It solves planned obsolescence, just like the new engine, probably. In this case, maybe it buffs tracks.

It’s very pretty.

Legendary Favourite style cab, could increase rate of fire and stop the overheating of weapons…

The blue made me think of cooling and we don’t have a legendary which does the job of the Fav cab and we just got fire rate as a fusion possibility

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That would kind of be like back tracking to the steppe spider issue.

I’m not saying it’s a good idea, but that it is in line with their marketing strategies. The new engine and the Omamori are relevant examples of this marketing exploit, as well as Fusion, and probably some others.

Also, leaving the Steppe Spider the way it was would conflict with their intention of selling the new Gerrida. By removing its perk, they made ML-200s less functional, and unable to compete with their new thing, so if you wanted an efficient Spider, Gerrida was really the only viable option, and thus encourages their Battle Pass sales.

Whether this new cab buffs tracks or not, IDK, but I’m pretty sure it will cure, to some small degree, some variety of the planned obsolescence they repeatedly have exploited for sales.

When I consider what those artificially created deficiencies are, what I see is that weapon durability has been made to suck, solutions have been sold, and tracks are presently obsolete, so I predict a solution to be sold.

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Get a feeling the perk is likely something to do with shielding or cooling do to the color they picked and shape.

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Omamori from the shape, I think might be able to be slotted into the new cloak.

I use it for my heli with 2 upgraded crickets and on a grinder build, it’s fairly enjoyable. That’s pretty much my only use for it, they are pretty accurate on there…

When they made the change they gave a speed buff to the legs so it’s kind of moot. If they need to buff the older legs they could just do that again. Adding legs to the golden eagle would be a similar fix as it seems to work with every other omni part already.

It’s on tracks and using things that have speed based perks, so it could just reduce speed and distance requirements. That would match up to a lot of old and new parts including everything on the build. The armor tracks dmg protection via distance.

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This cab’s for the Hamster…obviously.

So, I think the perk works like this; the Hamster energizes a simple spring by winding-up tension on it through a mechanism attached to the hamster-wheel. Then you push the button and it releases the energy into the tracks for a temporary speed boost.

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lol I saw people joking about it earlier, calling it the ball cab. It made me think of the Atoms at first.

They have to give us a hamster sticker now.


There’s enough other hamsters in the game that I’m kind of surprised we don’t already have one.

I’m partially hoping that the cab boosts shields some way. Right now the only boost for shields is using hertz. I kind of doubt that’s it though.

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