I am very skilled, but keep getting killed by no-skills!

I decided to make a template so that some of you can make your posts with less effort.
Just insert your build and the one you hate, and you’ve got an instant topic!

Here it is:

I am a very elite experienced skilled player, and I exclusively play [INSERT BUILD/WEAPON/MOVEMENT PART]. Despite my massive skills and superior build, I keep getting killed by no-skill [INSERT BUILD/WEAPON/MOVEMENT PART]!
This is very unfair, and Devs need to fix it ASAP! But they will never do that, because they are evil genius manipulators who are trying to trick me into playing more and/or spend money!

Let’s all boycott the game!


thats why i play patrol nd raids, play with relaxed random ppl nd sometimes u might have to use skill in patrol when ur whole team is dead but honestly its better then pvp trying to use skill ull get wrecked even if u try cuz cam lock is bullshit

It is not particular builds i have trouble with, it is getting queued up against groups/clans. Don’t matter what build you use, if your playing solo the majority of time getting queued up against clans/groups the odds are not in your favour even if said group your facing is using way worst builds. Id much rather face off against randoms that are using all relics than to face groups who are using all specials even if im on relics my ownself.

Nobody understands my jokes


honestly i didnt read the whole thing lol

Was the joke, “Hey xo_guy, stop making new topics. And random people who are about to go on a rant about hovers or dogs, here’s your platform.”?

Ive long said that Candians are the most friendly, passive-aggressive people ive ever met. And this tracks. That being said, i do have a good handful of Canadian friends. Just stating my own experience on their tendencies.


That is a fairly accurate depiction of Canadian culture!

But to be clear, this dumb thread wasn’t just about Lexi, or even primarily about them. They’re not actually a great example of this tendency, as they mostly just whine about bots, aim assist, and the matchmaker. That’s pretty mild compared to many on the forum.