I bagged an entire team (almost)

Today i was on fire, i took a bunch of screenshots of MVPs and UNYIELDING…but hold on … cause this topic is not just to brag, i have a doubt.
when comparing to other screenshots i came to the conclusion that i don’t know how this works.
for example the following.

In one i did less but i got more
in the other i did less but i got almost the same as the first example, and it was a defeat

Care to elucidate me ?

Thank you

So, anyone?

Scoring a kill on a near dead enemy you just fired a single bullet at will not yield the same reward as taking a lot of parts of a bunch of enemies and scoring assists.
When I see 7 kills and 0 assist, I would value that score less then when someone does 2 kills and 5 assists. Because in the first scenario it’s unlikely that he killed 7 people that ware full durability when he fought them. Usually some of these are kill-steals… While the second scenario is more likely that the player was moving around, de-gunning players and crippling them while ignoring the helpless targets and focusing on the important dangerous ones.

When I get 7 and in very rare cases 8 kills, I usually chase down anything I know I can finish off, including a gun-less, wheel-less target. But I don’t help the team as much (Because I only finished the already helpless ones someone else did the work on, and those players scored a win, not me with 8 kill-steals.)
But, when I go weapon hunting and de-gun and cripple everyone, that’s when the team usually wins easy. That’s when I get more parts destroyed and more assists, and more score.

As far as I know, you get rewarded for parts destroyed, as it should be. Not finishing off. There are other factors like base capping that reward a lot of points.


I second splatters responce.

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What is the point of this post? Could you imagine what this place would look like if everyone posted their self-perceived, god-like in-game moments? LOLZ

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One was a half dead build burning forgotten in the middle of the action but the others wasn’t kill steals was supporting or duels, if they were at full strength or not i can’t tell it either.
But normally i don’t chase unless it’s my target, once i commit i don’t let go. Assists are much easier to do with a MG than with a SG.

Things that i noticed so far.

De-gunning alone doesn’t give much points.

Capping gives much less points than defending the cap.

Assists only translate into points if the adversary is dead

Heavy targets with high durability gives more points.

the game rewards aggression, it’s possible to achieve MVP only with 2 or 3 kills in a short amount of time if you are contesting something , if you take a more cautious posture or if you are in the defence you have to do more.

What i suspect

The time it takes to dispose off an adversary it counts too .

But it’s hard to try to out do me if i don’t know what i have to do to achieve exactly that, and then comes a defeat where i was killed in the middle of no where, didn’t do anything special except bringing with me 3 of them .

To try to get a hold of which objectives to go for to maximize scoring.

In my old game there were two topics, they have years old and they are still alive and well with thousands of pages each one.

1 - What were your best achievements today

where people post the screenshots, replays or highlights of their best battles , higher scores and things like that

2- Sad and funny situations showed in the minimap.

where people post their biggest blunders , screenshots of the entire team behind a rock in J line far from everything, replays of that particular snowflake that was such a noob and so on.

Those two topics are running for the longest time, goes back to 2005 or something and it’s a place where you can remember players that no longer are there, I have a few myself in there. Perhaps someone still remembers my Bayern and Alabama. who knows.
When i started to play that game the OP was no longer there.

You always go for objectives that bring your team the WIN. Not the score.
That’s my idea of a team game. And THAT’S what brings the most resources. Usually it doesen’t mean trying to kill, but trying to do what needs to be done, de-gun, cripple, protect and lure out.

So since we are talking points, not doing what it takes for the win:

  • No one should really care of being the first on the list. I’d rather win and get more resources than be the guy on top…
  • While we can praise our self when we are the first (me too), believe me that 99% of the players ONLY look at their own name and position and don’t even look at the number one if it’s not them. Being on top of the list is like a kid on a swing shouting -Mom look how high I can go!-… But mom is busy flirting with the cotton candy guy.

Man, i second what you are saying and i try to do my best and what’s best to the team even when i will not gain anything doing it.
But in the long run this it’s a major grind and i want to keep me focus or interested
In the older game in what’s similar to raids here, i tried to beat myself in citadels or in number of citadels achieved in every game i made.
I felt good with myself when i made more citadels with a Battleship (30 seconds reload) than with my cruiser (7.5 seconds reload, but much more fragile) and that wasn’t easy because of much complex mechanics like angling, shatters, bouces, over penetrations, penetrations calibre of guns. e.g. 27 mm of armour will stop 380 mm shells and so on, facing DDs at close distance was a good way to die but also a good way to learn to dodge, to learn when to dodge and how to dodge, changing ammo type because with 16 mm or 19 mm of armour the 380 mm AP shell would over penetrate and the damage would be pitiful. things like that kept on my toes.
In the older game rewards were tied to damage made and taken and a DD with lowest HP was harder to kill, but the percetage of damage done to it was bigger than the damage done to an BB, so there was more points killing a DD or damaging it than a BB
This sort of things is what i’m asking how i can do better, to improve, to optimize.

Care to help ?

The best advice anyone should heed:

  • Don’t worry about the points and the MVP list. Just play the way you like, as long as it’s not harassing anyone.

You obviously have some passion for the game, so just enjoy it and have fun with your favorite builds.
But if you enjoy the points and the mvp list as a way of rewarding yourself (nothing bad about that), just do as much damage to as many people as you can, and try to squeeze 2 out of 3 stages of the base capture so it don’t end and you can grab an extra kill or three… Not really team play but it awards the most points.

there’s only one person i would like to beat in the score… me.

I will try to do that the most i can. but if i’m capping i’m not fighting and if i’m fighting i’m not capping

The most citadels i made with a cruiser was 25
The most citadels i made with a BB was 27
The higher i’ve seen was 50 by someone else.

Same applies to this game, if i could achieve higher scores even once would be nice :wink:

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I can’t tell you exactly what makes one score really high, but it seems pretty clear that big splash >>> bullet damage. I think it has something to do with parts destruction bringing most pts, and big explosions destroying many parts.

The thing that can make you score the most is popping an opponent with a very explosive weapon. A single Snowfall volley that OS a Gasgen-using player can score close to a thousand points, on its own.

When enemies self destruct after you strip their guns you lose a lot of potential score points. That is a huge factor.

Yeah I wondered about that.
When you destroy someone, normally you should get the points as if you stripped all his armor parts. After all, you would have to do the damage of the sum of them all in order to kill him…
But if that someone self destructs, and you get the kill counted, doesn’t that also count in all his leftover parts he took out with him?

It depends on the score compared to the rest of the team. Since a kill doesn’t show as an assist too you have to judge it compared to the team. When you outscore your entire team combined like this below then you have done something special that round.

Of course you get points for stripping armour. But I’m not exactly meaning that.

For example I recently got a 570 score mvp. All enemies were destroyed. Several players self destructed at full hp. One at the very start before the battle began. One who was in the battle but received only damage to his guns and was stripped and one guy who ran right to cap who was untouched and the last player left on his team. This was in a six player match. The rest of the enemies my team did mostly cab damage to.

I’m late with the response but was away for a week.
Yeah, I got what you are saying, those players self destructed on full Hp, so no one get’s rewarded for those deaths, but if you ware to shoot someone and do 300 dmg, taking a gun or a scavenger plate off his build, and THEN the person drives into the lake or self-destructs, you will be awarded with the killing blow. BUT my question is, will his death count in all the parts that got destroyed when he destructs, as if you blew him up with all those parts on him, or you just get the kill number and only the score for that 1 plate you took off?

Because from what I gathered when I tried lances a year ago, one shoting someone in the cabin, counts the score as if you destroyed all the parts he had one by one. Basically lancing a nearly dead opponent didn’t give as much as lancing a full Hp player.
So does his self-destruct (or going for a swim) award all the points for the parts he had on him to the one who gets the kill even if it was just a stray bullet that grazed the guy?

It won’t count on all parts. You get barely any points for that. When I had scorps I could strip four or five players clean and get like 500points.