I can’t use the market

I tried to get some scrap in the market but I was greeted with this error and I have no clue what to do

Did you get a refund on a pack or XO purchase?

Yes I know that is the issue do I have to buy it again???

Hello @89187945,

Please contact our support: https://support.gaijin.net/hc/en-us/categories/200612042-CROSSOUT

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Good luck man.

You got the link above, but I’ve never heard of anyone getting the market back after doing a refund.

You might be better off making a new account now.

That’s so petty
" Oh, you want a refund then … no market for you"

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It’s not petty, because on Xbox when you get a refund you still get to keep the items.

At the start of Crossout people would buy packs over and over again and get a refund. They would pass the coins to friends by buying things on the market from them at super high prices.

Then if the account got blocked it didn’t mater because that account was not where the coins/items are at now. And they can’t just ban everyone that they sold something to.

I would agree that is is petty IF people were not the scum of the earth.

7.3. All purchases made through the Services are non-refundable, except as it is required under the applicable law. The User assumes full responsibility for confirming that the phone, computer or other device are supported, and that the computer, phone or other device has the proper software and is compatible to the products, applications or services purchased, downloaded or otherwise obtained by the User through the Services.

6.3. Any fees (whether in form of In-Game currency or “real world” money) paid by you in exchange for any In-Game Items are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged to another In-Game Item unless:

  • such refund or exchange are explicitly and unambiguously consented by Gaijin (as instance, you can exchange virtual currency to another In-Game Item strictly to the extend explicitly allowed by the applicable Game);
  • otherwise is provided by the Terms of Service;
  • otherwise provided by applicable law as a mandatory rule.
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Thanks for the help.
I will try to find my player id but in the meantime some guy on Reddit suggested a support ticket so I am trying that.

Yes, that’s all you can do.

But I’m telling you now I have known at least 10 people that have put in support tickets after getting a refund.

100% of them are still banned from the Market.

But like I said above, good luck.
You might want a plan B.

Yes it’s still petty, banning someone from playing half the game is petty, they should just remove the items from the account and suspend the account, notice how it’s the ingame market and not banning you from buying stuff from the shop huh…?!

they shouldn’t ban anyone from the market without a couple warnings and an explanation for what happen… :thinking:

The explanation is in the TOS, you know that thing we all skip and just agree to on everything we have ever installed :slight_smile: yeah, it’s messed up, BUT do you think a free to play game cares if you read it or not? Legally they are covered 100%

Can you even get a refund on PC?

They buy something, get the money back, and keep what they got.

They also circumvent the developers by getting the refund from Xbox and not the dev team OR they will put stop payment on a credit card.

I have seen a lot of people “act” surprised on Xbox when they get a market ban. But they know they are stealing when they get the refund, they are just surprised they got caught.

Just like laws, ignorance to the rules does not excuse you from punishment. This is the way.

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If I buy the pack again will that make it worse or will it fix it

Also I did this on complete accident I did not know it is bad and I assumed if Xbox let me do it it was ok.
If nothing works out at least I can still play the game

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It will not fix it. You will still have a market ban and a new pack.

What level is your account?
If it’s not that high you really might want to start a new one, without the market this game will be very hard.

Mine is 13 but I also spent some money on other packs. Whil they save over because I own them on Xbox?

Also do I have to use a new Xbox account or can I change through game