I cannot participate in tournaments because someone has the same name as me

So theres a guy that has played only 1 game but had the name before me, and the game somehow allowed me to name change to already existing name so i cannot be invited to the tournament because it invites the other guy first cuz he had the name before me and this means i cannot be invited at all.

Lol… That’s messed up. Maybe you can get Devs to rearrange it so u get invited first. Make a bug report about this.

Now on FlameRaiders website I think you can link your Crossout account with your FR account, so you can try that ?
Otherwise we all have one free alias rename option on Crossout profile settings, so you could use this opportunity to think about a new and unique alias you would like to have.
Another idea could be to contact FR staff on their discord server and to tell them about this issue.