I can't do any battles/raids/etc anymore?

I bought one of the autumn packs today. Now, when I try to go into a mission or raid, it won’t let me play because my storage space is used up. What crap is this? I just spent $15 and now I can’t play anymore?

I guess increase your storage limit, if already maxed out then I suggest selling stuff though they increased the storage from 1000 to 1200 now

I’ve only been here a little over a year; I have 300 storage spaces, and I used up 303, the screen says. I’ve spent money on the game, and bought about 8 car packs and various assortments of crosscrowns.

I don’t understand 2 things: first, if I’m doing a raid or mission, whatever the reward is (like copper, scrap), I have that already, so I don’t need an extra slot for that.

Secondly, if I buy their product (a car pack), I don’t think I should be prohibited from playing just because I bought something from them. If this is the case, then I won’t be able to buy anything from them again, without having to spend extra just to get space to store it. This just seems wrong and very unfair…

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Yup, you got the basic storage limit, which is good for anyone under level 10, but once you start getting into the game, you gonna have to upgrade it

I got 525 storage space and I’m at 495 I don’t hoard stuff, that’s just from playing the game

You’d think that but they got it set up like that and has been for ages, it’s to make you spend resources or gold crafting/buying storage expansions
And your second point goes to them getting as much $$$ from the player base, but ultimately it’s on you to make sure you got enough space for your stuff or sell stuff you don’t use/need

But storage expansion isn’t bad for the first few times then it gets convoluted and pricy

In fact, if you bought any BP lately they’ve been including storage expansion, so if you got then in your storage use them, you’d get at least 1 level to 3 depending on how many you got from the BP’s if any!

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looks like you’ve maxed out your storage. simple as that. Can’t collect any more anything, so, why should it let you play if it cannot deposit rewards into your account? That’s what i get from it.

Upgraded items take up no space if you have 3 of anything that is free but trade locked, I would say just take the risk and upgrade it.

just buy storage expanders or sell white items you find useless and save up some coins to buy a expansion

its the same for extra building blueprints by the way. they are legendary items but prices arent high